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Responsibility, Vision, Leadership

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1. The School

Koç University Graduate School of Business

Koç University Graduate School of Business (GSB) is proud to raise the leaders for the 21st century. Its graduates are trained to be visionary and responsible leaders. Visionary, in that they develop a critical and constructive mindset, open-mindedness, creativity, and long-term orientation. Responsible, as they raise the ethical standards bar, embrace integrity and honesty as core values in business, and consider the sustainability dimension of long-term strategy.

And leaders, who take initiative, mobilize others, and realize change for the benefit of their firm and society at large. The fact that many of our Alumni are today’s leaders illustrates the success of our programs. Our Alumni are part of a global network which enables far-reaching and ongoing interactions with peers from various cohorts, which has proven very valuable to tackle challenges of complex global markets.

Key points

MIM programme at this school

Master of Science in International Management programs are designed for people in the early stages of their careers –with little or no full-time professional experience. Koç University Graduate School of Business offers two programs under MIM: Koç Master of Science in International Management and CEMS Master’s in International Management. Koç MIM is a full-time Master of Science program. MIM curriculum equips students with knowledge and skills crucial to assessing and implementing decisions on a global scale. During the program, students will interact and build networks with their peers and professors.

MIM Students fulfil various curriculum requirements by participating in Block Seminars, Skill Seminars and taking mandatory and elective courses. A diversified curriculum enables the MIM students to learn more about the field in which they are interested. Students are presented with a wide range of elective courses ranging from Innovation Management to International Negotiations. By undertaking Business Projects, Students are exposed to real-life business situations thereby gaining insight into management best practices and learn key practical skills required to function effectively in corporate world.

Living in the city

Istanbul is a major metropolitan city with a population of over fifteen million. Located on two continents, Europe and Asia, the city has a bustling business, cultural and social life. Koç University is located in the northern part of the European side, among forests and away from the busy city life.

CEMS Club Istanbul

CEMS Club Istanbul founded in 2011. Besides a being voice of CEMS students, CEMS Club Istanbul organizes social activites, company trips, and social responsibility projects. Some examples of activities are Bosphorus boat trips, cultural trips to Cappadocia and historical peninsula of Istanbul, planting 200+ trees during the Sustainability Week.


CEMS Programme manager
Didem Özgür Özden
Rumelifeneri Yolu, Istanbul, Turkey
2. Master of science and cems mim
1 January-15 June 2021

1 year




  • Master of Science in International Management - KOÇ MIM

Term dates for the Master Programme(s)

Term 1 From 6 September 2021 to 7 January 2022
Term 2 From 11 February to 6 June 2022
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