WHY CEMS : Uncover the benefits of joining the top ranked MIM programme

Faces of CEMS
  1. The CEMS MIM is a joint programme where you graduate with two high ranking qualifications. Our partner schools are part of the top rankings globally and in addition, the CEMS MIM itself is ranked amongst the best MIM in the world. 

  2. CEMS gives you access to both global and local exposure to people, cultures, languages, academic philosophies and business practices. As a CEMS student, you will receive support to develop into a multilingual highly-functioning worldly professional of high integrity and become part of a committed, active and rewarding CEMS world-wide alumni network

  3. Once a CEMSie, always a CEMSie. From enrolment you join a global family of 33 top business schools, 70+ Corporate and Social Partners, 19,000+ alumni and 1,200+ students from all around the world. You stay as a member of this family after graduation as our alumni are truly active in all domains of the CEMS alliance. 

  4. The CEMS MIM encompasses courses, seminars, projects, and networking events happening simultaneously across the 33 top business schools. Not only can you study worldwide but you can also participate in all the activities happening in partner  schools. 

  5. Transform your professional and personal skills through our cutting edge, contemporary curriculum and join the vibrant and exciting journey of a CEMSie around the world! We encourage and create many possibilities for our students to strengthen the great balance between professional and social life!

  6. Gain instant practical, real-world experience working closely with our Corporate and Social partners. Our interactive skill seminars, global career forums and business projects, will enable you to interact directly with senior leaders and alumni. Equally important, you will have many opportunities to network and build lasting relationships with top quality international students with an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.  

  7. Kickstart your international career and gain working experience before graduation! 45% of CEMS alumni were working outside of their home country, and over 90% of graduates found a job within 3 months of graduating. To read more statistics on our alumni data, see here

  8. We abide by our strong values in everything we do. We believe in responsible leadership, excellence, sustainable innovation, and ethical business practices. These are reflected in our curriculum; internal processes and the way we treat all members of our global family.