Students & Alumni

Students and alumni alike benefit from a strong global CEMS network thanks in large part to global, regional and local events that focus on career advancement and mentoring, global issues, knowledge sharing and social connections, creating friendships that last a lifetime.

CEMS Students

As a student, you can have a direct impact on your CEMS experience. The CEMS Global Alliance benefits from a highly engaged and energetic student body that operates both locally and globally.

The CEMS Student Board consists of student representatives from each school who work together to enhance the student experience on a global scale and provide a positive impact on society as a whole with working groups focused on gender equality and sustainability, for example.

Each school also has a local CEMS Club, run by CEMS students, which animates student life through events and other activities (involving CEMS Alumni and Corporate/Social Partners) supporting both home school students and incoming students to make the most of their local experience.

CEMS Alumni Network

The CEMS Alumni network includes a close-knit community of over 18,000+* professionals, working together across the world to promote CEMS values:

  • global citizenship,
  • cultural diversity,
  • professional responsibility & accountability and
  • positive impact on society as a whole.

CEMS graduates continue to enjoy the international and multicultural experience that they will have experienced as CEMS students thanks to the efforts of the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA).  Founded in 1993, the CAA is a crucial pillar of the CEMS Community. It offers many opportunities to share ideas and knowledge through the organization of professional events in the form of panel discussions, workshops, conferences and seminars. Organised on a multi-country basis, the CAA is led by the CAA Board and is present in each country through Local Chapters (LCs) driven by active CEMS Alumni.
Discover the importance of the CEMS Alumni Network and how it can help you long after the completion of your degree.