CEMS Global Welcome and virutal induction

CEMS Global Welcome and Virtual Induction

First virtual session for the new CEMS Class 2023/2024 on June 8th at 13:00 CEST.

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CEMS AoY 2023 Nominations

2023 CEMS Alumni of the Year Awards Nominations

Celebrate the diverse success of our CEMS alumni, by submitting your nomination of CEMS Alumni of the Year today! Nominations close September 8th. 

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CEMS Report on Sustainability & Responsibility 2021 - 2023

CEMS Report on Sustainability & Responsibility 2021 - 2023

In line with commitment to sustainability and responsibility, CEMS has made significant progress aligning with each of the PRME principles in the past two years.

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CEMS 35th Sustainability

CEMS 35th

Join us to celebrate 35 years of CEMS!

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CEMS Philippe Louvet Innovation Award 2023 call for submissions!

CEMS Philippe Louvet Innovation Award - 2023 Call for submissions!  

This is an exclusive opportunity to become impactful changemakers! The financial grant to carry out the winning project - offered by L’Oréal - amounts 20,000 Euros!

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What is CEMS?

CEMS is a Global Alliance of leading business schoolsmultinational companies and NGOs that together offer the CEMS Master in International Management.

CEMS 35th Sustainability

Join us to celebrate 35 years of CEMS! In this space, we share CEMS Success stories about the CEMS Spirit and we invite you to discover the people and places that makes CEMS , the CEMS we know today. 

In April, we took a look at how we in the CEMS world can educate future leaders that will shape a sustainable future.  As responsible future leaders practice learning and honing skills that allow new ideas and ways of working for goals including the SDGs to be reached, what measures can we work on next and how can we as an alliance take action?


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of graduates are employed or continuing their study within 6 months of graduation


of alumni have worked outside of their home country


of alumni would recommend the CEMS experience


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MIM students

Ruben Schultz with Facebook - Picture


"If you don’t ask you don’t get: If you want to get certain internships or advance in your career, you need to ask for it. Jobs won’t come to you if you don’t do anything about it."

Ruben Schultz

Graduated from the CEMS MIM programme in 2015, Growth, Workplace by Facebook.
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Humans of CEMS Paul Ruwet


"Our vision is that the CEMS learning experience should not end after graduation. It is important to keep the knowledge flowing and people interacting."

Paul Ruwet

Graduated from the CEMS MIM programme in 2019, Co-founder of SpeedUpEducation.
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