Alumni Initiatives

The alumni network spans over 75+ countries and includes over 100 nationalities. Activities are organised globally, both online and in person. There are many opportunities and activities for alumni to collaborate on together and with the CEMS community. Below are some great examples.

New Generation Consulting (NGC): A New Approach To Consulting

NGC offers a new approach to consulting, where international students work in virtual teams and act as consultants to help social organizations overcome business-related problems.

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Impact Consulting

By providing these social impact organisations with support offered by volunteers, we could provide much needed support to charities and businesses, whilst providing students and young professionals with opportunities to gain hard to find real world experience.

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The Growth Academy

The T1 Growth Academy offers a variety of customised services in English and Italian, to both Corporate and Private clients. Their mission is to forge Leaders, enhance employees' quality of life and empower people worldwide with the tools to become extraordinary, so that they discover their potential, walk a self-determined path, and serve others with the best version of themselves. 

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The Newsroom 

The Newsroom is a new initiative born in 2020, with the goal of slowing the spread of misinformation and promoting plurality online, using AI powered systems to identify articles and claims that are most likely to contain elements of misinformation

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Highbridge Academy 

High Bridge is a one-of-a-kind program built by expert instructors with experience in leading companies. Careful design and flawless delivery is in our DNA. With High Bridge you have your entire online program organized for you. All you need to focus on is learning and having fun.

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Support Us

In order to continue to  support the development of interesting and relevant projects, the CEMS Alumni Network (CAN) has launched a new Donations Platform! Alumni can choose to support different projects such as the Alumni Platform, the Mentoring Program, leadership panels, startup challenges, lifelong learning opportunities, seminars and much more. Your contribution can put us so much closer to our goal in growing and expanding our offers to our community!