Graduation requirements

On this page, you will find how the CEMS grading is done and what kind of grading scale we use.
Also, you will find the CEMS MIM graduation requirements (e.g. necessary number of ECTS, necessary elements that students need to complete) and important rules to graduate from the CEMS MIM programme.

CEMS Grading

Based along the European Credit Transfer System framework, a grading scale has been developed to facilitate the understanding and comparison of grades given according to different national systems. We are using ECTS for our MIM course

It has no national reference point and is intended to provide an objective evaluation of student abilities relative to those of other students within the same system.

The ECTS grading scale is based on the rank of a student in a given assessment, i.e. how he/she performed relative to other students.

The ECTS system classifies students into broad groups and thus makes interpretation of ranking simpler.

ECTS grade Percentage of successful students normally achieving the grade Definition
A 10 EXCELLENT - outstanding performance with only minor errors
B 25 VERY GOOD - above the average standard but some errors
C 30 GOOD - generally sound work with a number of notable errors
D 25 SATISFACTORY - fair but with significant shortcomings
E 10 SUFFICIENT - performance meets the minimum criteria
FX FAIL - some more work required before the credit can be awarded
F FAIL - considerable further work is required

Those who have not achieved a sufficiently high level to be awarded a pass grade get:

  • F (Fail – considerable further work is required)

For Block Seminars, CEMS Courses and Business Projects, the ECTS “A to F” grading scale is used. Global Citizenship Seminars use “Pass” and “Fail” grades.

Translation of local grades to this scale is up to the grading institution. See an indicative guide on the local grade conversion to CEMS grades.

For the language tests, the language levels of the Common European Framework of References (CEFR) are used.

CEMS MIM Graduation Requirements

To graduate, the CEMS student must have successfully fulfilled all obligatory components for the CEMS MIM and her/his home degree.

  • Have spent at least two of the three MIM terms abroad
  • Have graduated from a local M.Sc. programme officially connected to the MIM
  • Per Term, minimum 24 and maximum 37.5 ECTS may be credited towards the MIM
  • No more than 15 ECTS in Elective and Skill Seminar credits may be taken outside the MIM year
  • A consecutive 8-week international Internship on first-job level

Have successfully completed the following 66 ECTS of course type elements :

  • Block Seminar at the beginning of MIM Term 1: 3 ECTS
  • Courses of which minimum one course in Global Strategy and one course in Global Leadership, Hard Skills Courses (cumulative 5 ECTS) during the MIM year: min. 45 ECTS
  • Global Citizenship Seminar in MIM Term 2: 1 ECTS
  • Business Project in MIM Term 2: 15 ECTS
  • Skill Seminars: min. 2 ECTS

Minimum language requirements :

  • Have passed a  language with a minimum level of B1 oral and B1 written
  • Have successfully completed an elementary study of a third language on an elementary level

Strict  deadline that students will have to meet to be allowed to graduate:

  • Maximum 1.5 years passed between graduation from the home degree and fulfilment of all other CEMS MIM requirements.
  • However, in cases when the home degree completion has been delayed, the period may be extended to maximum 5 years, counted from the end of the MIM year.

Failure to meet this deadline will result in loss of entitlement to graduate from the MIM programme. In case of serious reasons a student may request a postponement to be assessed case-by- case by the CEMS Graduation Committee.
The CEMS MIM certificate will show grades.
To graduate, the CEMS student must have successfully completed all obligatory components for the CEMS MIM including her/his home degree by end of September of the graduation year at the latest.

Exempted from this deadline are:

  • internship evaluation for an internship started no later than the second Monday of September (evaluation form should be submitted by the first Sunday of November)
  • the home degree to be passed by the second Friday of November at the latest (both with written confirmation by end of September)
  • pending language exam result from an exam taken in September (result to be presented by the first Sunday of November)

Specific dates for 2023:

  • 11 September: Last day to start an internship to graduate in 2023
  • 6 November: Last day to accept all pending components (e.g. internship evaluation, language exam result, home degree)
  • 9 December: Graduation date on the certificate

CEMS MIM Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony takes place each year during the CEMS Annual Events (usually at the end of November) which is hosted by one of the CEMS member schools.