CEMS MIM Programme Description



The CEMS MIM comprises a carefully-designed curriculum that achieves one of the main goals of the Alliance  as a whole: to combine academic theory with business practice.

From the moment students are accepted into the CEMS MIM Programme, they are on a path to responsible citizenship and are held to the highest standards of ethical and social responsibility and professional integrity. As a candidate, students are expected to share our core values and draw upon cultural diversity with respect and empathy and accountability in relation to society as a whole. 

Exposure to best-in-class teaching and the operational expertise of world-renowned organisations gives CEMS students a golden opportunity to consolidate theoretical and experiential learning through a multi-faceted curriculum.During the programme, students are exposed to interdisciplinary challenges in an international context and are encouraged to adopt an analytical and critical attitude in lectures, discussions and project work.

The workload of the programme is 66 ECTS in total, with a minimum requirement of 24 ECTS successfully completed in each term.


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