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"I love to learn new things, just as I love to build new things. Starting a company while I study gives me the opportunity to do both. "

Humans of CEMS: Jo

Class of 2021, Nova School of Business and Economics
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"CEMSies not only went through the same challenges and experiences, but they also value international teams and are more than willing to support you, even if you are not from the country or region."

Humans of CEMS: Daniel Crossley

Class of 2020, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
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Daniel Crossley
"The CEMS program is extremely diverse in many dimensions which made it highly attractive to me."

Humans of CEMS: Victor Tibo

Class of 2019, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
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Victor Tibo
"Gaining working experience in a foreign country is extremely important when you start out your career. Even though it requires you to step out of your comfort zone, it shapes you in several ways and opens up your mind to immerse yourself in a completely different culture."

Humans of CEMS: Sarah Said Daoud

Class of 2020, Korea University Business School
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Sarah Said Daoud
"Share your idea openly, find good people to work on it, but execution is what matters in the end."

Humans of CEMS: Ruben Schultz

Class of 2016, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
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Ruben Schultz
"I’m a strong believer in the human ability to innovate and adapt. I think CEMS and the CAA can have an even more important role representing how well global and local can function together in a world where many actors are becoming increasingly national."

Humans of CEMS: Rebeca Correa Ehrnrooth

Class of 1997, Stockholm School of Economics
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Rebeca Correa Ehrnrooth
CEMS was the milestone that made me “international”. It trained me to be not only comfortable but also delighted around different people, because before that I had only lived in one country and I was rather timid.

Shujun Lavinia Yu

Class of 2016, HKUST Business School
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HOC 12 Shujun Lavinia Yu
CEMS is an international program with people from various backgrounds and those skills sure came in handy when talking with them and the locals in Hong Kong.

Humans of CEMS: Philip Lennhammer

Class of 2021, HKUST Business School
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Philip Lennhammer
"Thanks to my previous experience and personal network we have managed to navigate the launch period fairly easily."

Humans of CEMS:Christian Mischler

Class of 2010, University of St.Gallen
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Christian Mischler
"I loved being an active member of the CEMS community and still profit from the network and friends I made there!"

Humans of CEMS: Antonia Schein

Class of 2020, Nova School of Business and Economics
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Antonia Schein - Picture