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"The most valuable thing about CEMS is without a doubt the friendships I made in my time studying."

Nina Mohanty

Class of 2017, The London School of Economics and Political Science
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Nina Mohanty
"CEMS provides excellent opportunities to interact with different people from different cultures. We have experienced a variety of working cultures and styles with our BPs, our classroom interaction and many diverse activities. I believe it has shaped our agility and flexibility to fit into various working cultures and prepared us more than adequately to be global citizens."

Humans of CEMS: Yufan Wu

Class of 2021, The University of Sydney Business School
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Yufan Wu photo 1
“It’s like a calling card I think. When you meet someone or you know that someone has been through CEMS, it’s an immediate affirmation – a testimony to their qualities, their values and their curiosity. You know that you will have something in common, something shared, and common ground.”

Damien Vernet

Class of 1993, HEC Paris
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Damien Vernet
The strategic management skills and international mindset I gained through CEMS definitely helped in keeping the overview of Epiclay’s overall strategic direction, as well as in understanding and leading a highly international team.

Humans of CEMS: Christoph Hornik

Class of 2021, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
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Christoph Hornik
"I think that life gave me a tough lesson of humility."

Humans of CEMS: Max Stefański

Class of 2020, SGH Warsaw School of Economics
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Max Stefański
" The Virtual European Forum was a great team effort, where motivated students from across the globe showed that the current situation also provides great opportunities."

Humans of CEMS: Patrick

Class of 2020, Aalto University School of Business
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"I can say that the whole journey leading to the foundation of our start-up has been intertwined and fuelled by the CEMS community."

Humans of CEMS: Martin Fortelný

Class of 2019, Prague University of Economics and Business
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Martin Fortelny
"I love to learn new things, just as I love to build new things. Starting a company while I study gives me the opportunity to do both. "

Humans of CEMS: Jo

Class of 2021, Nova School of Business and Economics
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"CEMSies not only went through the same challenges and experiences, but they also value international teams and are more than willing to support you, even if you are not from the country or region."

Humans of CEMS: Daniel Crossley

Class of 2020, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
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Daniel Crossley
"The CEMS program is extremely diverse in many dimensions which made it highly attractive to me."

Humans of CEMS: Victor Tibo

Class of 2019, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
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Victor Tibo