CEMS Student Life

The CEMS Global Alliance has a highly energetic student body that impacts student life across the world. CEMS students, centrally represented by the Student Board, animate student life on a local level via CEMS Clubs, benefit from alumni support via an exclusive mentoring scheme and participate in many  Corporate Social Responsibility-related projects. The global nature of the CEMS student body and their high level of engagement to the CEMS spirit leads to a rich student experience overall.

CEMS Student Board

The Student Board is the voice of CEMS students within the CEMS Global Alliance. The Student Board consists of one representative from each of the member schools, and it manages its projects according to the following mission statement:

The Student Board has been created to enhance the CEMS experience for the students by:

  • Gathering students' opinions about CEMS and the CEMS MIM and bringing recommendations to improve the CEMS MIM and CEMS community life,
  • implementing and managing global projects which have a direct impact on CEMS students experience, including projects aimed at fostering and developing social awareness and ethical conscience,
  • providing support and a platform for communication to the CEMS Clubs to help them achieve their goals.

In carrying out the above, in an ethical and socially responsible way, the Student Board acts as the official voice of CEMS students, representing their interests before the Academic, Corporate and Administrative stakeholders of the CEMS Alliance.

The Student Board is organised around seven teams:

  • MIM Affairs is committed to improving the quality of the CEMS MIM curriculum and enriching the CEMS community by executing projects with a broad reach for all schools within CEMS, providing strategic insights and leveraging synergies from all schools. Email: mim.studentboard@cemsmail.org
  • Marketing & Communications has the mission to promote and raise awareness globally of all the Student Board projects, through the Official CEMS Alliance social media channels. These marketing campaigns have an impact in the entire CEMS community, from schools and students to alumni and corporate partners. Email: marketing.studentboard@cemsmail.org
  • CEMS Club Support strengthens the development of local CEMS communities by managing knowledge-sharing and providing continuous support to the CEMS Club at each school. Email: ccs.studentboard@cemsmail.org
  • Responsible Leadership works to enhance the CEMS Alliance's capacity to shape responsible leaders and engage CEMS students and stakeholders in corporate sustainability and social responsibility. Email: sustainability.studentboard@cemsmail.org
  • Corporate & Social Partners aims at enhancing the overall CEMS value proposition for all CEMS stakeholders by building a long lasting connection between students, alumni and corporate partners through various projects and events on both local and global levels. We want to create valuable and personal relationships beyond the traditional recruiting. Email: cp.studentboard@cemsmail.org
  • Alumni Relations aims to improve the engagement between alumni and CEMS stakeholders. .The CEMS Student Board collaborates with CEMS Alumni through the Alumni Relations Function team, CEMS Alumni Association, CEMS Local Chapters and much more..  From coordinating  the CEMS  Alumni of the Year Awards, Global Alumni Week, the CEMS Webinar Series, there is never a dull moment.  Reach out to us today! Email: ar.studentboard@cemsmail.org
  • Executive Team composed of the President, Vice-President of Operations and the Vice President of Finance. It coordinates all teams and organises the Student Board meetings. It also provides a bridge among all stakeholders of the CEMS Alliance and maintains the information flow among them. Email: executive-team.studentboard@cemsmail.org

CEMS Clubs

Each school also has a CEMS Club, run by CEMS students, which animates student life through events and activities involving CEMS alumni and Corporate/Social Partners, supporting both home school students and incoming students to make the most of their local experience. In addition, CEMS Clubs work closely with CEMS alumni during the CEMS Global Alumni Week.  The CEMS Global Alumni Week (GAW) is a globally organized week of activities that involve all CEMS stakeholders:  Alumni, Students, CEMS Member Schools, Corporate/Social Partners; with a special focus on engaging alumni and students with the CEMS community.  The objective of the GAW is to encourage professional network building & exchange, strengthen the interaction among students and alumni, and enhance the engagement and visibility of CEMS alumni. Please refer to the CEMS Alumni Platform for scheduling (usually in March).

Lastly, CEMS Clubs co-organize events (locally & virtually) with alumni through the CEMS Alumni Platform.  To create and maintain friendly lasting contacts among CEMS alumni, the CEMS Community offers social and professional opportunities. Stay in the loop with CEMS alumni today by checking out upcoming events today!

CEMS Student Mentoring

CEMS Mentoring Platform and the Student-Alumni Mentorship Programme (SAMP) are designed to help students in their professional career planning.

What is the role of an alumni mentor?

The role of a mentor is to provide advice and insight into his/her industry or function. The mentor takes the time to meet with his/her mentee periodically, either in person, via phone or e-mail, and where appropriate should arrange a visit to the workplace or participate in professional activities, such as conferences.

What is the role of a student mentee?

Students play an important role to begin, cultivate and maintain the mentor/mentee relationship.

Benefits for student participants

  • Gain insight into the working world from someone who shares the CEMS experience.
  • Learn about the alternative career paths related to your interests and major.
  • Increase awareness of opportunities related to the major.
  • Begin establishing a professional network and become part of the CEMS Alumni Network.
  • Receive valuable advice on how to prepare (resumes, interviews, follow-up) for professional job search.
  • Better understand the prerequisites for the job or career path you are looking at.

CEMS Mentoring Platform

The CEMS Mentoring Platform is an online platform, which facilitates self-matching and allows to make free phone calls to connect with CEMS participants from across the world to provide and receive advice and mentoring from any location.

CEMS Mentoring Platform header

SAMP (Student-Alumni Mentorship Programme)

Whereas the CEMS Mentoring Platform is global, the SAMP matches together students and alumni as mentors locally.  Such as providing support and advice on studies, internships, exchange semesters, applications or career choices. It can also create new friendships and a unique long time relationship among the participants.
Download more information about SAMP:

Join us today and take advantage of this opportunity to gain advice from the CEMS Alumni community!

Student Social Responsibility

"The Student board strongly believes in CEMS' commitment to develop global citizens as business leaders. To be able to fulfil the responsibility we will have as business leaders in society, a broad awareness of good ethical and socially impeccable behaviour is crucial. The Student Board sees it as part of its mission to stimulate and develop this social awareness amongst students, pushing CEMS Social Responsibility to be present not only in classrooms and in the CEMS MIM, but throughout the CEMS experience. By offering opportunities to students to develop their social awareness, we believe we will be preparing ourselves to excel as global citizens and future business leaders."

- Jonathan Hostens, President of the CEMS Global Student Board 2009

In addition to its commitment to excellence in management education and cultivating high standards of performance and professionalism in its graduates, CEMS is also dedicated to building socially responsible future leaders. The Responsible Leadership Team of the CEMS Student Board promotes this core pillar of CEMS. We further the CEMS Student Board’s mission to implement and manage global projects that foster and develop social awareness and ethical conscience while reinforcing a global sense of engagement and community in the CEMS Alliance. Our goal is to enhance the impact and visibility of Responsible Leadership within and beyond the CEMS community by:

  • Increasing awareness of sustainability and social responsibility issues and motivating stakeholders to act on them,
  • Encouraging students to apply their knowledge, passion, and skills in the pursuit of humanitarian goals,
  • Promoting global citizenship and ethical conduct, now and always.

How do we do this? Check out some of our projects and see for yourself!

Global Sustainability Week

GSW is an annual, weeklong event in which the entire CEMS Alliance demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, responsible leadership, and ethical management practice through events, projects, competitions and volunteering opportunities, both on a global and local level. Activities can address a broad range of topics – from climate change and natural resource conservation to food security, shared value initiatives and poverty alleviation.
Learn more about the CEMS Global Values Statement!