Language Requirements :Possess three languages upon graduation

The minimum language requirements to graduate are the following: 


All CEMS MIM graduates are required have competency in three languages at the time of graduation. English - one of the three languages - must be fulfilled upon admission.


Language 1: English (upon admission)

- Mother tongue or official English proficiency tests 

Language 2: any language

- Mother tongue or B1 oral / B1 written level language courses or tests 

Language 3: any language

- Mother tongue or elementary level language courses or tests


Faces of CEMS


CEMS uses the Common European Framework of References (CEFR) for comparing language proficiency in all European languages. There are six levels on the CEFR scale, where levels C2 and C1 describe a proficient user; levels B2 and B1 an intermediate user; and levels A2 and A1 a basic user of a language. CEMS defines A1, A2, B1 as elementary level of studies.

Please note that while these are the minimum requirements needed to pass the CEMS MIM, you are highly encouraged to take language courses and/or tests at the highest level in as many languages as they master. The CEMS MIM Certificate shows the levels passed. 

Students also should be aware that their home school programme’s language requirement may differ from the global CEMS language requirements. Please consult with your Programme Manager for further information.


Language Assessment Options & Validity 

Language Assessment options and validity


Mother Tongue Declaration

Students may declare more than one mother tongue. However, the languages must meet the requirements of the three languages (see above). Students cannot modify (change/add/remove) their mother tongue once they confirm it during application. A declaration is to be filled in for each language declared. The mother tongue declaration is needed in each language the student declares as mother tongue, and the declarations are to be preserved.

Please note that, although all CEMS schools ultimately require submission of a "declaration of mother tongue" upon entrance into the programme to confirm your mother tongue(s), not all CEMS schools accept declaration of mother tongue as appropriate evidence of mastery of the mother tongue to be accepted into the local master programmes. In such cases, you  will need to meet the specific master admission requirements of the given CEMS school.