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Bocconi University, founded in 1902, was the first Italian university to grant a degree in economics.

For a century, Bocconi has played a leading role in Italy's social and economic modernization. It has remained true to its founding values of being a major research university, with democratic values and open to the world, as well as financially and politically independent.

Bocconi University believes that excellence can only be based on a person's academic profile as well as on his or her values and cultural and ethical background. This is why the University offers numerous activities, special occasions for people to enrich their knowledge.

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Milan 20136
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CEMS abbreviation : 

 CEMS Programme Manager (PM)

Samantha Ballabio

CEMS Coordinator
Phone: +39 02 5836 2203

 CEMS Corporate Relations Manager (CRM)

Francesca D'Agostino


 CEMS Academic Director

Massimo Magni

Academic Director

Target of this fact sheet: Prospective CEMS students applying to MSc+MIM


Contact people for application questions

 Programme Info

MSc degrees offered in combination with CEMS MIM: 
CEMS MIM Program Academic Director: Massimo Magni In Bocconi the CEMS MIM program is offered during the second year of the MSc in International Management. About the one-year CEMS MIM degree program:
  • It is a a global program (30 partner universities and over 70 companies) of which Bocconi is one of the four founding members and the only Italian partner university.
  • It has been jointly designed by universities and the corporate partners that shape the CEMS network.
  • It is exclusively open to students studying at the prestigious member universities.
  • It provides a select group of high profile, internationally-minded and multilingual top students with the know-how and expertise needed to succeed in the new international business environment taking on senior international management roles.
  • It is designed by both academic and business leaders, the CEMS MIM program connects the university education and business expertise and is therefore able to offer keen insights into management best practice.
  • The MIM study plan includes not only innovative interdisciplinary courses but also seminars and real case studies in order to develop the necessary skills to work in international teams.
  • Students benefit from a a lifelong connection with the CEMS community, both professionally - with access to job opportunities and employers - and also as part of a very active, supportive network around the world.
  • Over 7000 CEMS graduates with 78 different nationalities currently occupy positions at various management levels in a broad range of industry sectors across the world.
At the conclusion of their studies, participants will be awarded both the Master in International Management degree issued by CEMS and the Italian MSc degree in International Management issued by Bocconi
Application Requirements: 
  Selection  Application Each candidate interested in the CEMS MIM Program   must apply online, expressing their own preferences. CEMS MIM is  independent choice  from International Management, Admission to the CEMS MIM is quite selective. Students are selected for their outstanding profile:
  • high academic standards and professional skills
  • ability to perform effectively in a fast changing environment
  • empathy with different cultures, values and behaviours
  • willingness to take responsibilities within society
The key selection criteria will be assessed through written and/or online application documents and through a personal/skype assessment interview or assessment centre. In addition to the elements of evaluation, valid for all the MSc programs (see at this page the criteria), the Admission Committee needs to evaluate the intellectual potential & knowledge of candidates, together with their international orientation and motivation for the programs. For this reason, for the selection are required further specific elements of evaluation:
  1. a specific Statement of motivation (printable in the Download area on the top right of this webpage)
  2. languages requirement
  3. video interview: the Admissions Committee needs to evaluate your Communication skills, critical thinking, interpersonal competences. If required, the Committee can also do phone/skype interviews.
The complete list of the documents needed and follow up for each specific program is recapped in the 'Download area' on the top right of this webpage. Please, read them carefully and don't forget to sign them for acceptance when completing your application on My application - Admissions Portal   
Application Deadlines: 
Required Documents: 
Statement of motivation (only printable from the online application) 1. CEMS MIM Languages Requirement form (only printable from the online application) 2. CEMS MIM Video presentation : the video presentation gives you the opportunity to further communicate to Bocconi University information about yourself that is not available from your application and will give the opportunity to evaluate your application in a much more personal manner. Please, for the Video Presentation: access the online platform following the instructions published on the website a. complete the registration b. answer the following questions in the time provided: Self - presentation 1. Why do you consider yourself as a person with a pronounced international attitude 2. How do you evaluate your ability to go beyond your “comfort zone” and face complex situations     
Student Selection Dates: 

 MSc Academic Expenses

Tuition fees, Scholarships: 



Bocconi Tuition and Fees

For students enrolled in their 1st year in the 2018-2019 academic year, the registration fee, tuition, regional tax and fixed stamp duties should be paid in accordance with the following table: 

MSc Program 1st year 2018-2019


1st year       

1st installment

2nd installment

3rd installment















The following are included in the 1st installment: in addition to program fees, the registration fee of € 275.00, the regional tax of € 140.00, fixed stamp duties of € 16.00 and It is also required by the bank an expense of € 3 for MAV generation.

Amounts and installments for students enrolled from 2nd year 2018-2019 a.y. can be found to the following web link.

Throughout the entire legal duration of the degree program, the amounts due for the registration fee and tuition will be adjusted regarding inflation and any other updates.

Moreover, students can benefit from further fee reductions through percentage reductions or evaluation of the particular situation of the family.

For Bocconi students who decide to attend a second Master of Science program at Bocconi, a reduction of 40% off the overall cost of tuition and fees is offered. This is equal to exemption from the 2nd payment installment.

ISU Bocconi Scholarship

— currently being updated —
Information about the 2018-2019 a.y. will be made available by the end of May. At the moment, please find below information about the 2017-2018 a.y.

ISU Bocconi, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi's Student Assistance and Financial Aid Center, was established in accordance with regional law no. 33 of 13 December 2004 and a convention with the Lombardy Region of 20 January 2006. ISU Bocconi coordinates and provides its students with grants and services which provide equal access to university studies as foreseen by regional law no. 33, 13 December 2004 and other forms of grants and services to facilitate participation in Bocconi University degree programs. Furthermore, it promotes all services which contribute to establishing the best living and studying conditions for students. 

 Living Expenses

Estimated monthly budget for single students:

Housing (shared)between 500 (share d bedroom in private apartments) and 900€ per month
Transportationthe monthly pass costs 22€ for students under 26 and 35€ for students over 26
Meals & groceries Italian breakfast: 2 -3€ (espresso, coffee or cappuccino + croissant) - complete meal at the university canteen: approx. 4€ ( Meal Plan at a special prize for exchange students) - lunch at cafes: 10 € - pizza dinner: 15- 30€ - dinner at a restaurant: 30- 50€

Target of this fact sheet: Enrolled CEMS MIM Students before their term abroad

 Academic Information

Required Documents before arrival: 

Application as incoming CEMS student:

To apply online you will need your USER ID and PASSWORD, which will be sent to you and your Home University coordinator.

In the application you will be able to make choices about:
- Housing
- Italian language courses

and you will be also required to upload the most updated version available of:

- CV (resume)
- Grade report
- headshot photo (for the Bocconi ID card)
- passport personal data page (EU citizens can submit their national ID)

Enrolment as visiting Student: 

Registration to courses
CEMS Incoming students will be able to register to courses at: agenda.unibocconi.it

During the following periods:
Term 1:  22 – 29 August, 2018

Term 2: 9-16 January,  2019

Term 1 Add/Drop Period: 11-18 September, 2018

Term 2: 6- 14 Februay, 2019 

In making their final choice, students should take into consideration possible overlaps in course and exam schedule.

General Information: international student desk office
Course syllabi: www.unibocconi.eu/courses
Class timetable: www.unibocconi.eu/classtimetable
Classrooms: www.unibocconi.eu/classrooms
Exam dates: www.unibocconi.eu/exams
Professors: www.unibocconi.eu/faculty

Course offer availability and registration: 

Term 1:
20332 – Global Strategic Management, 6 ECTS – Prof. Venzin (English)

Term 2:
20465 - Global Management Practice, 6 ECTS  - Prof. Venzin (English)

Elective CEMS Courses
CEMS Students can pick their other courses from a list of CEMS elective courses which will be available on Bocconi website towards mid-July. 

Free-Elective Course
While studying in Bocconi, CEMS students have the opportunity to follow one graduate level elective course of their choice outside the CEMS recommended list of courses. For CEMS Incoming students this option must also be approved by their home-school coordinators. Full list will be available in July 2018 here: www.ir.unibocconi.eu/cems --> MIM Courses in Bocconi


Starting from Academic Year 2016/2017 a new exclusive course in Fashion Luxory and Management will be available in term 1.

Language(s) of Instruction other than English: 

English & Italian

Language requirement: 

There are no specific language requirements on Bocconi side, as we trust our partners’ selection.

Language offer: 

The following language courses are accredited by CEMS: FRENCH - GERMAN - SPANISH - ITALIAN
Language courses cannot award credit nor appear in incoming students' transcript.

CEMS students having Italian as  CEMS 3rd language  can attend the Italian Crash and follow up course. In order to have it recognized as 3rd language, students must pass the exams of both courses.  

Minimum and Maximum Workload requirements: 

CEMS incoming students: min. 2 – max. 5 courses

Terms Dates
Academic YearTerm 1Term 2
Terms Dates : Details
Term 1Term 2
Nomination Period :Early March -early May 2018Mid September - mid October
Student Registration Period :21/05/2018 - 30/05/2018End of October - mid November
Terms Dates details :05/09/2018 - 04/02/2019(end of second exams session). (22/12/2018 must be considered the earliest date by which at least one official exam date for each course is scheduled. Since students may sit their exams at Bocconi only during the official examination sessions we strongly suggest that departures are not planned before this date).04/02/2019 - 13/07/2019 (end of second exam session). Beware: CEMS students MUST NOT LEAVE BEFORE the delivery of the final presentation of the Business Project (end of May- beginning of June)
Welcome Day / Orientation weekOrientation meeting: 04/09/2018Orientation meeting: 31/01/2019
Block Seminar / Launch Event30/08/2018 starting of Block Seminar in Bocconi
School Vacations / Public Holidays1- 4/11/2018 (Public Holiday); 7-8/12/2018 (Public Holiday); 22/12/2018-3/01/2019 (Christmas Break).06/01/2019; 19/04/2019 - 28/04/2019(Easter Break) ; 25/04/2019 (Public Holiday); 1/05/2019(Public Holiday); 2/06/2019 (Public Holiday)
Exam PeriodMid-Term exam session: 15-20/10/2018. Special exam session for Exchange Students: 10-20/12/2018. Regular exam session: 4- 17/01/2019; from 19 January 2017 to 02 February 2019Mid-term exam session: 18 - 23/03/2019. Regular exam session: 15/05/2029-13/07/2019

 Academic Expenses

MIM Academic Expenses: 

Block Seminar: Euro 300,00

 Living Expenses

Estimated monthly budget for single students:

Housing (shared)between 500 (share d bedroom in private apartments) and 900€ per month
Transportationthe monthly pass costs 22€ for students under 26 and 35€ for students over 26
Meals & groceries Italian breakfast: 2 -3€ (espresso, coffee or cappuccino + croissant) - complete meal at the university canteen: approx. 4€ ( Meal Plan at a special prize for exchange students) - lunch at cafes: 10 € - pizza dinner: 15- 30€ - dinner at a restaurant: 30- 50€

 Services and Facilities

Health insurance: 

Before your arrival, make sure you are properly covered, in case you need medical care during your stay in Italy. Check if the social security scheme of your country of residence ensures you against the cost of medical treatment in Italy. 

EU citizens: be sure to bring the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which entitles the holder to get necessary treatments at the same cost as a national of that country. The card is valid only for state provided services, as private health is not covered. We suggest you verify how to get the card and which services are covered with the social security administration of your country before your departure.

EU citizens can also apply for Module S1. You should obtain your S1 form from the healthcare institution of your home country before your departure. Double-check the possibility of obtaining Module S1 with the social security institution of your country of residence as each EU member can set up different requirements.

Non-EU citizens: before leaving your home country you are strongly recommended to have a health insurance policy with international validity. In order to get a Permit of Stay you will be asked to prove that you are covered against the cost of medical cares for the entire duration of your stay in Italy.



All students, except those coming from EU countries, are required to apply for a Student Visa.

In order to know about deadlines and requirements, we suggest students to check http://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en. A guided procedure will help students find out whether they need to apply for a visa in their home country OR country of residence (eg. Chinese students studying abroad might need to apply in the country where they are studying).

VISA requirements vary for every country and Institution. The Admission Letter, issued by Università Bocconi, is required. Remember that in order to obtain a student Visa, you must present yourself in person to the Italian Consulate/Embassy.

Once in Italy, all Non-EU citizens will have to obtain a "Permesso di Soggiorno" (Permit of Stay) in order to reside in Italy for study purpose more than 3 months.


You will have to login to the online application in order to complete your housing request.
You need your PIN and PASSWORD, which will be sent to you and your home school exchange coordinator, in order to apply online through the online Exchange Application.Housing Office @ International Student Desk
+39 02 5836.2236

Check out CEMS partner HousingAnywhere in addition to the local offers

Other facilities: 

As exchange students, CEMS students have access to:
-      Library
-      Language Center
-      Computer rooms / University internet network
-      Canteen & Cafeteria

Please check the following link with useful information for incoming students and factsheet

Internships support and national regulations: 

At Bocconi University CEMS Bocconi and incoming students can find internships through the same channels: Internship and placement ads and resources posted on our website (www.cs.unibocconi.it), Bocconi&Jobs, the University career fair which takes place twice a year in November and April, On-Campus presentations and other Recruiting Events.

Check out CEMS Internship Guide

Orientation / CEMS Club and other Student Clubs: 

2017-2018 Academic Year CEMS Club members:

Guilherme Arabolaza Miranda Costa Teixeira, Bocconi CEMS Student Board Representative:


Francesco Patroncini, CEMS Club President Term 1:  francesco.patroncini@cemsmail.org

Federico Tosi, CEMS Club President, Term 2: federico.tosi@cemsmail.org


Information about the city / the country: 

www.ir.unibocconi.eu/inexchange->living in Milan

Public trasportation: www.atm-mi.it
Lonely Planet - Milan: www.lonelyplanet.com/italy/milan Lonely Planet – Italy: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/italy

Target of this Form: Enrolled MSc students applying to MIM at this school