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"Working in teams with different backgrounds is something CEMS prepared us very well for."

Jan Hendrik Milark

Class of 2013, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management
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"CEMS provided me with a unique opportunity to broaden my horizons and prove myself in international assignments."

Anita Holczmann

Class of 2010, Corvinus University of Budapest
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"The CEMS network has always inspired me because of the value of different cultural approaches to create impact. It has also helped me to foster relationships across the globe."

Robert Hackl

Class of 1994, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
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"The CEMS network helps me be in contact with academia, alumni and especially students, many of which became my colleagues."

Petr Smid

Class of 2005, Prague University of Economics and Business
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"Thanks to CEMS I spent six months in HEC, where I met wonderful people. CEMS opened the door for me to France where I live and work today."

Ina Maller

Class of 2005, Stockholm School of Economics
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"CEMS network has been very useful to find information about career opportunities and to open doors when I looked for a job. It helped me for my PhD research, and for my recent activities dealing with entrepreneurship and startups."

Thibaut Kleiner

Class of 1995, HEC Paris
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"Via CEMS you get a more international orientation, instead of just being specialized in a subject. By the program you learn to adapt to work close with other cultures. CEMS has given me a huge advantage during job application."

Robert Kroon

Class of 2007, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
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"CEMS contributed to shaping my identity as a European/ world citizen. It helped me grow the feeling that I could settle anywhere in the world. "

Karin Jestin

Class of 1993, HEC Paris
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"CEMS instilled a never-ending desire for expanding cultural experience and has endowed me with a far-reaching international network of inspirational friends who shaped me to a more rounded person."

Joeri Van Geelen

Class of 2011, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
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"I keep good contacts and friends. They are a good reference for me, and I do not hesitate to ask for advice whenever is required. A great network, very proud to be part of."

David Cabero Jounou

Class of 1997, ESADE
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