Ricky Li - CEMS Alum

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The CEMS Global Alliance is a purpose led organization, powered by our beliefs that great leadership starts with self-leadership and societal progress requires continual exploration. In this series of interviews, we take a look at CEMS students and alumni that are contributing to make this world a more open, sustainable and inclusive world.

Today, in our Humans of CEMS series, we meet CEMS Alumna Ricky Li who's passionate about working  on socioeconomic issues to make the world a better place. She is currently an Insight and Data Lead at the World Economic Forum's Centre for the New Economy and Society.


Please tell us about yourself. What do you do?

I am currently an Insight and Data Lead at the World Economic Forum's Centre for the New Economy and Society. I oversee data, digital products, and insights work that aim to shape prosperous, resilient, and equitable economies and societies. I am passionate about leveraging data and data-driven insights to create opportunities for all. 

How did your international experiences contribute to your current job?

I was born and raised in China, and I had the privilege of studying and working in different continents - in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Spain, United States, Uzbekistan and now in Switzerland. These experiences have allowed me to see the world through different perspectives, and connect with people from different backgrounds. I am fascinated by how diverse the world is - in terms of culture, opinions, and economic development, and also disheartened by the inequalities and underdevelopment some  countries are facing. This prompts me to transition my career to international organization and work on socioeconomic issues to make the world a better place.

In your opinion, what are the key attributes of anyone who wants to work in an international organization?

  • Empathy - acknowledging, respecting and understanding diverse perspectives and experiences 
  • Collaborative - mobilizing different stakeholders to jointly tackle complex global challenges 
  • Navigating uncertainty - staying focused in the face of global uncertainties and sometimes backlashes

How does being a CEMS student help you in securing a job abroad? 

  • Global network - CEMS alumni are super generous with advising career choices and development. I have so many positive experiences getting coached by various CEMSies. They guided me through different career challenges, provided honest opinions, and shared their own lessons learned when I was in doubt. I really appreciate this supportive community when it comes to career development
  • International exposure - studying and working with peers from different backgrounds, I learned how to collaborate and connect with others in a multicultural environment. 




Published on 15.04.2024