Alumni Profiles

CEMS Alumni from around the world share where they are now, their advice and how their experience with CEMS helped them get there.


Andrea Castronovo

"The network, formally via the Alumni Association, and informally via personal relationships has always worked very well. Even today, you can just call up somebody and tell him/her that you are also CEMS and doors will open and a direct relationship will begin." - Andrea CastronovoCEO of Alphabet Italia.

 Susanne Najafi

"Get outside of your comfort zone, the scarier something feels to do, the better it is - that’s where you grow." - Susanne NajafiFounding Partner and Chair of Backing Minds.

Thibaut Kleiner

"Your career will last 30 years. It is easier to take risks when you are young and have nothing to lose. Be daring and try harder." - Thibaut KleinerDeputy Head of Cabinet, Cabinet of Commissioner Oettinger, European Commission.

Lorenn Ruster

"Spend time with yourself - understand the person you are, what makes you feel energized and alive. You don’t have to have it all worked out, but a few guiding principles help."- Lorenn RusterState Lead NSW at PricewaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting.

 Robert Kroon

"Via CEMS you get a more international orientation, instead of just being specialized in a subject. By the program you learn to adapt to work close with other cultures. CEMS has given me a huge advantage during job application." - Robert Kroon, Director of Finance at Bosch KW, Atlanta, USA.

Alicja Dworowska

"Use the richness of opportunities that CEMS provides to the maximum, try to attend a variety of seminars, meet with companies’ representatives and don’t hesitate to reach out to Alumni for advice. Always be adventurous, creative and open-minded in finding your right career path and at your graduation you will know which is the best direction for you." - Alicja DworowskaFinancial Accounting Director at Synexus Clinical Research Ltd.

 David Cabero Jounou

"Work abroad, learn to work in different teams, learn from each boss what he can give you. Be yourself, do not leave the others to decide for you." - David Cabero JounouGeneral Manager Europe, BIC, Barcelona.

Karine Dussert

"Take ownership of your career, no one will do it for you and take enough time to reflect on what you truly want. Be bold, courageous and authentic in your choices. Don't believe in work/life balance; you have to love your work as part of your life. Always remember that leadership is about doing the right things and management about doing things right. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice." - Karine DussertCMO, COO, CDO Match Group.

 Joeri Van Geelen

"CEMS instilled a never-ending desire for expanding cultural experience and has endowed me with a far-reaching international network of inspirational friends who shaped me to a more rounded person. As former Vice President of the Global Student Board I have time and again been amazed by the ability of CEMSies to tap into the unprecedented power of diversity and willpower to make a difference." - Joeri Van GeelenFounding Partner at Building Blocks Group.


"CEMS provided me with a unique opportunity to broaden my horizons and prove myself in international assignments...Don't fear change. Exploring, experimenting and taking risks help you advance in the quest for fulfilling your dreams." - Anita Holczmann, Freelance Business Consultant

 Søren Kroon

"I am hugely grateful to CEMS, its academic and corporate partners. My first job was with a CEMS partner, Reuters where I learnt a great deal. In addition to the excellent multi-cultural academic, business and life experiences that CEMS enables, the most important lesson was that anything is possible as long as you stay highly motivated and very focused on your goal." - Soren KroonSenior Vice President Global Head of Corporate Development at Pearson Plc in London.


"CEMSies are excellent professionals, talented, proactive, passionate and great friends. We share common values regardless of diverse cultural, geographical and professional backgrounds. I constantly learn from them, share my ideas, projects with them. I always get support which I would never find anywhere else." - Yulia Sirazitdinova, Deputy Director of RASA Center in Tomsk at National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

 Christian Mischler

"Find what you're passionate about. Trust in your skills, your education, and your network. Follow your dreams, but don't chase the money. Work hard, show perseverance, and have fun on your way to success." - Christian MischlerFounding Partner Swiss Founders Fund, Firtschain Group and CASA Real Estate AG.


"I learned how other countries’ economic, political and historical contexts were different from the one I came from; CEMS was my first step in the international world that has led me to my leadership role today at the World Economic Forum. My time as a CEMS student forced me to learn about myself and the challenges of living abroad made me grow personally and later professionally." - Giancarlo Bruno, Executive Committee Member of the World Economic Forum and Board Member Illimity Bank.


 Frank Beckers


"Thanks to globalization we are likely to work with all sorts of nationalities and a key to being successful in international business is to understand the role of culture. While this is important you can obviously not be aware of every single aspect of each country’s culture, however, studying and working abroad – which is an integral part of the CEMS program - not only creates certain awareness for this important topic but also provides some first real life experience and skills. I have seen promising business relationships failing because of insensitivity and ignorance of certain cultural aspects – particularly in the Middle East and Asia." - Frank Beckers, Managing Director, Head of Project Finance & Advisory First Abu Dhabi Bank.


Christian Cirino 

"The CEMS Master has been my first real international experience. Beyond the strong academic added value, I have built strong relationships with some fellows students. I spent six unforgettable months in Milan and 14 years after we are still in contact. This kind of friendship never ends, even if we do not meet often enough." - Christian CirinoChief Financial Officer France -GFG Alliance.

 Verena Berlisg

"To me, the CEMS spirit has a very special drive. CEMS students are very ambitious and open-minded, much more than average. The CEMS spirit is European and I think that’s the clue in comparison with other great International master degrees. The European network is crucial when everything goes global nowadays." - Verena Berlisg, founder of Unique Allure.


 Ouriel Ohayon


"I have a wonderful memory of my time at during the CEMS program. Probably some of the richest and most enjoyable years I had as a student: The wonders of discovering a new way of life, the stimulation of meeting so many people from all over the world, all the gatherings. CEMS is more than just an academic program is a breath of fresh air for your brain, your sense of judgment and your learning abilities." - Ouriel Ohayon, CEO at KZen Networks.