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"CEMS was my first step in the international world that has led me to my leadership role today at the World Economic Forum."

Giancarlo Bruno

Class of 1995, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
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"I have a wonderful memory of my time at during the CEMS program. Probably some of the richest and most enjoyable years I had as a student."

Ouriel Ohayon

Class of 1996, EESC HEC Paris
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"Get outside of your comfort zone, the scarier something feels to do, the better it is - that’s where you grow. "

Susanne Najafi

Class of 2008, Louvain School of Management
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"I believe CEMS people have this in common in their DNA. The large majority of people I have met during the Master were curious to discover new horizons, new cultures, and were not afraid to take over unknown challenges."

Christian Cirino

Class of 2000, Louvain School of Management
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"Even today, you can just call up somebody and tell him/her that you are also CEMS and doors will open and a direct relationship will begin."

Dr. Andrea Castronovo

Class of 1990, Bocconi University
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"My experiences living abroad immersing myself in new cultures have fuelled my insatiable curiosity about the world and my role in it."

Lorenn Ruster

Class of 2011, The University of Sydney Business School
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"Always remember that leadership is about doing the right things and management about doing things right. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice."

Karine Dussert

Class of 1997, EESC HEC Paris
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"I am hugely grateful to CEMS, its academic and corporate partners. My first job was with a CEMS partner, Reuters where I learnt a great deal. "

Søren Kroon

Class of 1999, Copenhagen Business School
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"The CEMS experience allowed me to feel like a real citizen of the world."

Alicja Dworowska

Class of 2005, SGH Warsaw School of Economics
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"Find what you're passionate about. Trust in your skills, your education, and your network. "

Christian Mischler

Class of 2010, University of St.Gallen
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