CEMS Webinar Series: How to Juggle the Paradoxes of Modern Strategy

Covid-19 has tested our approaches to strategic thinking and strategic planning. Too many managers were unprepared for the pandemic in an already turbulent world, and many strategic plans lost their foundation overnight. What can we do to be better prepared? How can we transform our approaches to strategy to be more agile in the face of uncertainty?
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In this webinar, we will unpack some of the inherent paradoxes of strategy and discuss practical approaches to be more effective at strategising in a turbulent world.

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Massimo Garbuio (USYD) is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney Business School and the Academic Director for the Master of Management (CEMS) program. He works across strategy and innovation. Recent books include “Seeds of Strategic Thinking: The Foundations of Insightful Strategy”, with Nidthida Lin and Philipp Fuhrig (CEMS alumni 2020) and “6 Building Blocks for Successful Innovation”, with Moritz Dressel.

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Samuel Loher is a strategy nerd passionate about finding more effective ways to strategise. He is the co-author of the book “Strategic Agility”, a hands-on playbook for modern strategists. He worked as a strategy consultant for more than 5 years and is currently Head of Strategic Marketing at Oetiker Group, a global industrial company that has applied the Strategic Agility approach for 10 years. He is a CEMS Alumnus 2012, HSG & CBS.

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