Annual Events

The Annual Events are the highlight of the CEMS year. They represent an exceptional opportunity to bring together the entire community for discussions, decision-making, formal announcements and the graduation of CEMS MIM students.

The Networking Event of the Year

Academic and corporate representatives, governing bodies, students and alumni from a variety of backgrounds meet, interact, and share their views and experiences of CEMS.

The Annual Events are organised on a rotating basis by member schools. This offers the host institution the chance to share with the rest of the CEMS community its local customs and surroundings, all within the uniquely international environment that characterises the CEMS alliance.

Now attended both physically and virtually by over 7 000 members of the CEMS community, the Annual Events comprise a series of academic and corporate meetings as well as the graduation of the CEMS MIM cohort. 
Diverse committees and organisations convene on a formal basis, with certain decisions and announcements made at the Plenary Session concerning academic and corporate affairs.
Students and alumni report on the year’s activities, with changes to their respective boards made official over the course of the event.

The Annual Events include the following features:

  • Plenary Session: election of new academic and corporate members, executive and strategic board representatives, presentation of accounts and an overview of the entire CEMS year.
  • Executive Board meeting: the governing body of CEMS, comprising representatives of all main stakeholder groups.
  • Programme Managers meetings: a vital opportunity for the MIM Programme Managers within each member school to exchange news and views and keep up to pace on curricular developments.
  • Alumni meeting: strategic and budgetary matters are discussed and ratified every year, and the Alumni Board is elected every three years. 
  • Student Board meeting: an overview of CEMS student activities school-by-school, knowledge-sharing by the Content, Awareness and Network groups, and formal ratification of the new student President and Vice-President/Treasurer.
  • Graduation ceremony: the outgoing class of students receive the CEMS Master's in International Management degree and join the ranks of the Alumni Association.

Future CEMS Annual Events

  • 2024 -  NHH, Bergen - Norway
    • CEMS Annual Events (Governance Meetings) - Wednesday, December 4th to Saturday, December 7th
    • CEMS MIM Graduation Ceremony 2024 - Saturday, December 7th 


  • 2025 - Sao Paolo - Brazil  
    • Dates to be confirmed