25th CEMS ANNUAL EVENTS - Barcelona 2013

The 2013 edition of the three-day Annual Events featured the celebration of CEMS’ 25th Anniversary, the graduation of the largest class in CEMS history, and the ratification of a new Academic Member from South America.

The Annual Events, hosted by the exclusive Spanish CEMS member school, ESADE,  saw the induction of Chile’s leading business school, the Universidad Adolfo Inbañez,  as well as 3 new Corporate Partners (Mondi Europe & International, Salesforce.com & Integration Management Consulting).


Celebrating 25 Years

It was at ESADE that the actual signing of the document creating CEMS took place on 2 December 1988. Coming full circle, the four founding members: Lluis Pugès, (ESADE), Günter Sieben (University of Cologne), Carlo Secchi (Università Bocconi), and Jean-Paul Larçon (HEC Paris) joined eachother on stage along with Nicole de Fontaines (the first CEMS Executive Director) at the 25th Anniversary Celebration.  « The secret to CEMS success is that its members trust each other, » said de Fontaines. It was a touching moment, shared with the entire CEMS Global Alliance, today comprising 29 of the world’s most prestigious business schools, over 60 multinational employers, and 4 non-profit organisations.


The celebration also welcomed into the organisation Honorary Members : Prof Heinz Hauser, Werner Delfmann, Prof  Bernard Ramanantsoa, and Philippe Louvet. Atsuko Yamakawa (Nomura Holdings) was elected as a new member to the CEMS Strategic Board and CEMS Executive Board membership renewals (2 year mandate) included : Ms Audrey CLEGG, Group Vice President, Head of Internal Talent Management, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd; Mr Sander NIEUWENHUIZEN, Vice President Recruitment, Shell International B.V.; Mr Ove MUNCH OVESEN, Senior Advisor Global Talent Development, Novo Nordisk; Mr Luc SUYKENS, Director, Procter & Gamble, Benelux; Ms Elke THAMM, Head of Group Talent, Wolseley plc.


The CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) also celebrated its 20th anniversary, which included an inspirational speech from Andrea Castronovo, the first president of the CAA and the election of the first ever Alumnus of the Year, Igor Takeshi Nishimura.


Breaking records in number of graduates, attendance

Other highlights of the events included the graduation of a record 950 CEMS MIM students, with over 3000 people physically in attendance and 4500 joining in the celebration via livestream 56 different countries.  The graduation ceremony also included the announcement of the winners for the awards of the year including :


Block Seminar of the Year

Tales Andreassi                         “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”                    EAESP-FGV


Course of the Year

Stephan Stubner                       “Global Strategic Management”                           WU

Mark Mendenhall                      “Cross Cultural Management”                               WU

Günther Stahl / Josef Waltl        “Global Leadership”                                             WU


Business Project of the Year

EDP - Energias de Portugal, S.A “Optimal Capital Structure and   Liquidity Levels”  Nova

(Dr. Rui Eustáquio and Gonçalo Rocha)


CEMS School of the Year                                                                               University of St.Gallen


Links to Videos/Photos :

  1. Compilation Film
  2. Graduation Ceremony
  3. Plenary Session
  4. Flickr Photos



CEMS MIM Graduation Ceremony 2013 Live

The 25th CEMS ANNUAL EVENTS is happening in ESADE November 28-30, 2013. The CEMS MIM Graduation Ceremony was live on Saturday, 30th November.