Recruitment & Career Services


Surveys, rankings, and companies confirm, CEMS students are highly sought after. In order to help companies track down the right profiles for recruitment and build awareness of career opportunities for students and alumni, we have developed a number of exclusive services for CEMS Corporate Partners:

The CEMS Career Center

The CEMS Career Center is an online job & events platform that allows Corporate Partners to manage job postings and internship offers for CEMS students and alumni. The platform also allows Corporate Partners to publish events, which are shared with the CEMS students through a weekly newsletter.

Enter the CEMS Career Center

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CEMS CV Database

The online student CV search tool provides Corporate Partners with privileged access to the CEMS MIM student CV database. Companies can search, screen, and compile CVs of CEMS students according to specific criteria, such as language, school, experience, or expected graduation year.

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CEMS Career Fairs

Online Career Fairs and Recruitment Events are organised exclusively for CEMS Corporate Partners throughout the year. Global online fairs are organised twice a year, taking place in November and March. Please contact for more information.


In order to facilitate students' career development, CEMS offers a number of specific services helping students to find the career to which they are the best suited. These services include:

CEMS Career Center

The CEMS Career Center is an online job platform that allows students & alumni to receive job and internship opportunities from CEMS Corporate Partners. The platform also allows students to subscribe to a weekly newsletter, which informs them of upcoming events around the global organised by CEMS Corporate Partners. At the Career Center, students will also find company profiles of all CEMS Corporate Partners and get access to privileged career tips and advice.

You can access The CEMS Career Center here to find career opportunities from CEMS Corporate and Social Partners.

CEMS CV Database

The CEMS CV Database helps students to create the perfect CV and be visible to all CEMS Corporate Partners as well as to get the opportunity to be invited for interviews. The CEMS database is used exclusively by CEMS Corporate Partners, who are in search of a particular profile for an internship and/or job position. Corporate Partners can screen CVs and reach out directly to candidates for internship and job opportunities.

Create your CV here and get noticed by CEMS Corporate Partners

Going Global

CEMS students also benefit from free access to an online career development platform offering useful tips and information that help them best prepare the early stages of their career. The Going Global database contains country‐specific career and employment resources and offers multiple Country Career Guides and a Global Key Employer Directory 

Get access to the CEMS Going Global Platfom

CEMS Career Fairs

CEMS Career Fairs are recruitment and networking events, taking place twice a year, in November and March. They are an ideal opportunity for CEMS students and young alumni to meet and interact with CEMS Corporate Partners, learn about internships and permanent job positions, as well as expanding their social and professional networks. Find out more about these events in your CEMS Portal and block the dates in your calendar.