Message from the Student Board Executive Team 2014-15

Improving the visibility of the SB in order to increase the students’ voice through more efficient internal and external communication within the CEMS Alliance.


Word from the 2015-2016 Student Board Executive Team

The Student Board was founded in 2000 and has since then grown remarkably both in terms of activity and importance to the Alliance. Comprised of 29 student representatives from different member schools, structured into six teams, we cover virtually every aspect of the CEMS network concerning students: MIM Affairs for the curriculum, CEMS Club Support overseeing the proper functionning of local CEMS Clubs all over the world, CEMS Global Sustainability integrating a social framework throughout the Alliance, Marketing & Communications ensuring that all CEMS stakeholders are always well connected and informed and Globalisation delivering projects aimed at keeping our diverse community consitent and integrated, CEMS Corporate Partners Team providing student perspective for Corporate Partners.

The forthcoming year, altogether 1198 students will be enrolled in the CEMS programme. With such a vast cohort comes great responsibility. All the students’ voices must be heard in order to maintain the world’s leading position in management education.

We are very much looking forward to the forthcoming year during which we would like to focus on 3 major issues; improving the Student Board visibility, increasing internal Student Board efficiency and incorporating the Asian schools more closely into the CEMS alliance.

The 2015 will be amazing in the sense of being able to see CEMS Alliance grow qualitatively on various fronts.

For instance, we will be experiencing the inclusion of Blended Learning into the CEMS curriculum which will enhance the learning experience as well as the knowledge sharing across the continents. Additionally, more thorough connection of Asian CEMS universities will furthermore strengthen and boost the excellence that CEMS pursues in order to form the next generation of Global Responsible Leaders.

We feel honoured to be part of such organisation and at the same time immensely motivated to fulfill our objectives. I am certain that thanks to the joint efforts of all of us, we will be able to move CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education one step closer to Excellence.



Karel Kotoun

CEMS Global Student Board President


Executive Team