Student Board

The Student Board is the voice of the CEMS students within the CEMS global alliance. The Student Board consists of one representative from each of the member schools, and it manages its projects according to the following mission statement:

The Student Board has been created to enhance the CEMS experience for the students by:

  • gathering students' opinions about CEMS and the CEMS MIM and bringing recommendations to improve the CEMS MIM and CEMS community life,

  • implementing and managing global projects which have a positive impact on all CEMS students, including projects aimed at fostering and developing social awareness and ethical conscience,

  • providing support and a platform for communication to the CEMS Clubs to help them achieve their goals.

In carrying out the above, in an ethical and socially responsible way, the Student Board acts as the official voice of CEMS students, representing their interests before the Academic, Corporate and Administrative stakeholders of the CEMS Alliance.

The Student Board is organised around seven teams:

  • MIM Affairs is committed to improving the quality of the CEMS MIM curriculum and enrich the CEMS community by executing projects with a broad reach for all schools within CEMS, providing strategic insights and leveraging synergies from all schools.

  • Marketing & Communications has the mission to promote and raise awareness globally of all the Student Board projects, through the Official CEMS Alliance social media channels. These marketing campaigns have an impact in the entire CEMS community, from schools and students to alumni and corporate partners.

  • CEMS Club Support strengthens the development of local CEMS communities by managing knowledge-sharing and providing continuous support to the CEMS Club at each school.

  • Responsible Leadership works to enhance the CEMS Alliance's capacity to shape responsible leaders and engage CEMS students and stakeholders in corporate sustainability and social responsibility.

  • Corporate Partners aims at enhancing the overall CEMS value proposition for all CEMS stakeholders by building a long lasting connection between students, alumni and corporate partners through various projects and events on both local and global levels. We want to create valuable and personal relationships beyond the traditional recruiting.

  • Alumni Relations aims to improve the engagement between alumni and CEMS stakeholders to enhance student development by close cooperation with the CEMS Student Board, CEMS Clubs and the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA). With our projects we also increase the visibility of the CAA. .

  • Executive Team composed of the President, Vice-President (Treasurer), Secretary General. It coordinates all teams and organises the Student Board meetings. It also provides a bridge among all stakeholders of the CEMS Alliance and maintains the information flow among them.

For more information use the Student Board Contact Form or see the list of current Student Board Representatives.

The CEMS Student Board and the CEMS Club are powered by Podio - a new type of free collaboration software where sharing, communicating and getting work done takes place in one online platform - fully customizable through the unique ability to create your own apps.