Towards a Nature-Positive world

Since its inception, CEMS has blazed a trail when it comes to preparing responsible global leaders
capable of innovating and driving change within global organisations. Since responsible leadership is deeply embedded within the CEMS culture and ethos, what better way to enter 2023 than celebrating the commitment to halting and reversing biodiversity loss by 2030!
Towards a more nature positive world!

The United Nations Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in Montreal just had a ‘nature moment’! 188 governments attending the 2-week summit have chosen the right side of history and has committed to “Halt and Reverse Biodiversity Loss by 2030”! In short and among many points, the plan includes:  

  • 30% protection of land, inland waters and the ocean - an ambitious doubling of current protection of land and sea - recognizing the rights and leadership of indigenous peoples and local communities in order to make this happen.
  • 30% restoration target, because we know that nature can bounce back if given a chance. 
  • The $200 billion of overall funding for biodiversity – almost double compared to a 2020 baseline

Marco Lambertini, one of CEMS Strategic Board Members and outgoing Director General of WWF International, is optimistic that the actionable measures discussed in the COP15 will pave a way for us to guide our global actions as a community. He says:  

“ We all need to make history by implementing the ambition of the agreement, with determination, urgency and together. But for now…let’s celebrate this remarkable milestone towards a Nature-Positive world!"

In the same vein and to strengthen the spirit of sustainability and responsible leadership, this year the CEMS Global Responsibility Week will be happening from the 20-26 February! Reflecting the CEMS 2025 vision - to a more open, sustainable, and inclusive world- activities during this week will focus on longer term impact topics such as poverty, gender equality, emerging economies, ethical management, climate change, etc.