Springing Forward: CAA and Local Alumni Chapters

This past May 8th, the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) board and Local Alumni Chapters from around the globe (representing 15+ countries) held their mid-year virtual meeting.  In addition, special guests included: CEMS Entrepreneurs, UConnect: Hackathon winners represented by Vitae Disco, CEMS Student Board and CEMS Global Office members.  
CAA_LCs Meeting_8 MAY 2021

CAA Small & Large Impact Projects

Discussions kicked off with small & large impact projects that the CAA & LCs plan to have  implemented since January 2021 and will continue to develop through 2022. These projects will contribute to several initiatives:

  • lifelong learning (webinars & panel discussions on current & trending topics)
  • mentoring (through enhancing the current global mentoring platform)
  • local development to support our CEMSies worldwide

The efficient running of the CAA requires financial support and they have spent time on future funding strategies as they implement the termination of global membership fees made in November 2020.  As part of this change, they will also be converting life-long memberships into CAA donations. They are adding the donation feature to the CEMS Alumni Platform where donors can give small to large amounts to maintain and grow our alumni association to the projects of his/her choosing.  Initially, the projects they launch for donations will target to deliver CAA goals. As the model becomes more established, the CAA plan to extend projects to scholarships and research.

"We aspire to get the new donation-based funding system right and are investing to get off to a good start. We want to especially acknowledge life-time members who entrusted the CAA with membership and are grateful for their support as we move into this new phase of the CAA."
Rebeca Ehrnrooth, CEMS Alumna 1997 & CAA President

Continue to stay tuned for further updates on this initiative in the CEMS Alumni monthly newsletter and social media channels.

CAA Strategy and Value Proposition Update

Further dialogue explored the CAA strategic position and value proposition as a whole.  Mario Viarengo, CEMS Alumnus 2002 & CAA Vice President of Strategy, partnered up with Local Alumni Chapter presidents from Ireland (Francesca Barberio, CEMS Alumna 2018) and Hungary (Csaba Bakos, CEMS Alumnus 2017) where they discussed their efforts to boost senior alumni engagement locally.  LC Ireland and LC Hungary will serve as pilot chapters, which have already reaped engagement in Dublin from the “Back to the Origins” virtual event held during CEMS Global Alumni Week 2021.  Further initiatives will include established flagship events (i.e. local mentoring, alumni mixers, panels, cultural evenings and much more).  “In particular we have been working to engage CEMS alumni from different seniority groups and to define events that can involve all alumni.  So, if you are interested or want to contribute with ideas, please reach out to us," exclaims Francesca Barberio, CEMS Alumna 2018 & LC Ireland President. Your ideas are welcome and can be heard by contacting the CAA.

Entrepreneurial Efforts

In addition, the CEMS Entrepreneurs made a continuous stride offering events, programs and resources for entrepreneurial CEMSies and those interested in the start-up ecosystem. Learn more by visiting the CEMS Entrepreneurs website

Virtual Engagement 

Lastly, the meeting concluded with further proposals of how to enrich our digital outlet through the CEMS Global Office ERP project and UConnect initiatives to boost CEMS’ virtual tools to the CEMS Community, which will later shape future planning with the current CEMS Alumni Platform and mentoring platform.  

If you would like to volunteer or become engaged with the CEMS Alumni Association, whether on a local level or globally, please reach out.  Your CEMS Alumni Community welcomes you with open arms!

CAA_LCs Meeting_Save the Date_8 MAY 2021 Recap