Social Impact Project wins the CEMS Philippe Louvet Innovation Award 2022

The Social Impact Project will go beyond theory and will enable students to be a part of a unique transformative experience while creating positive social impact.
Social Impact Project winners - Jan Niklas, Damien Manhes , Dóra Szendeczki

With the Social Impact Project, CEMS students Damien ManhesDóra Szendeczki, and Jan- Niklas Franke, aim to create an opportunity for changemakers to act together and tackle global challenges of our time.

With the implementation of SIP, we aim to contribute to shaping the change makers of our time through three pillars: 

  1. Raising awareness and giving students the key to solve challenges
  2. Providing students with flexibility to diversify their experience and knowledge
  3. Involve students and thereby inspire them to lead the change 

Through the Social Impact Project, students will support people in developing countries to resolve the social and environmental challenges they are facing. Participating students will receive specific training and work on a project together with a mentor before implementing their solution on the field.

The two main objectives are to enable students to become impactful changemakers by going through a hands-on transformative experience and to strengthen the global impact of CEMS, thereby positing the alliance as a force for positive change. 

SIP will start with a pilot phase involving few partner schools and will scale up gradually. Since it is a complex and ambitious initiative, collaboration will be key to deliver long-lasting change and we, thus, aim to leverage the CEMS network at its best.