Leadership insights from CEMS Alumni Alexis Soulopoulos

After graduating from The University of Sydney Business School’s CEMS MIM programme, Alexis co-founded MadPaws.com.au, becoming Australia’s #1 pet services marketplace. Alexis shares his top leadership insights for 2021.
Alexis Soulopoulos

Alexis frequently gives guest lectures at The University of Sydney Business School focused on actionable take-aways relevant to young aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start a startup on low resources. He should know, at just 24 years old, Alexis Soulopoulos co-founded MadPaws.com on a shoestring budget. Within 8 months of operation, MadPaws.com raised its first venture capital round to further accelerate its growth. Now Mad Paws is Australia's #1 pet services market place and has recently launched DinnerBowl, healthy pet food subscription. 

Alexis also co-founded The Sharing Hub, Australia’s accelerator for Sharing Economy businesses. The accelerator aims to expedite the lifecycle of Shared Economy startups, to shape the industry, provide access to mentorship and investment opportunities, as well as provide a space for entrepreneurs to collaborate and share their advice and experiences.

Alexis Top 10 Leadership Insights

All of this experience in such a short time has given him an expert view on what successful leadership looks like. Here are his top 10 leadership insights for 2021:

  1. Start with a big vision based on consumer insights.
  2. Translate that vision into an exciting mission.
  3. Be laser focused on a single metric of success.
  4. Good is great, perfect is too much.
  5. When it comes to people management, look for people with a growth mindset and give them challenges while also investing in their learning.
  6. Deal with cultural discord quickly, don’t let it destroy the team’s momentum.
  7. Play the long relationship game. Pick up the phone, ask people questions, ask for their advice and give them regular updates on how your business is doing.
  8. Find a mentor or a role model. They don’t have to be a CEO, look for someone who is just 2-3 years ahead of where you want to be.
  9. Success is very often not a straight line.
  10. Don’t give up, even when it seems irrational.

If you would like to hear more thoughts from this exceptional CEMS entrepreneur, watch his short video below: