Last Student Board meeting of 2020

The CEMS Student Board held its Annual Meeting events virtually from December 4th to 13th, 2020. During the week of meetings, the SBRs discussed current projects that are in the works and the alternatives to the cancelled 2020 CEMS Graduation.
SB meeting pic

Current projects included:

  • The launch of the CEMS for Universal Education Fundraiser by two Bocconi CEMSies. If 1294 CEMSies donated just $7, we would reach our goal of raising $10, 000, which would send 200 children in Uganda to school! Learn more about the campaign here.
  • Digital Innovation’s CEMS Webinar Series held its final episode for the year, but already has a great line up of podcast scheduled for 2021.
  • The recently relaunched the CEMS Podcast 2.0 with the first episode going live on December 15th. You can listen to it on Spotify here.
  • The launch of the CEMS Forest initiative where CEMSies will be able to help offset their travel by helping plant trees. More information to come!

Thirty-two SBRs, three Executive Team members and two engaged CEMS alumni were able to participate in breakout sessions, full-team meetings or smaller team meetings throughout the week.  The CEMS spirit and holiday spirit was high as SBRs learned about how to overcome the challenges of working with an international team in multiple time zones during a session led by Kai Chen, Partner and Fund Manager of True North, and Joshuah Lebac, Senior Advisor at the Business Development Bank of Canada.


About the Student Board

The CEMS Student Board consists of elected representatives from each CEMS school. It serves a dual role by advocating for the students’ opinions, and managing projects on a global scale, while supporting the thirty-two CEMS Clubs. Some of the Student Board’s flagship projects include the CEMS Student Board Consulting Cup, the CEMS Gender Equality Network and the Global Ambassador Program.

The Student Board is organized in six functional areas: Marketing &Communications, CEMS Club Support, Master in International Management Affairs, Corporate & Social Partners, Responsible Leadership and Alumni Relations. Also, each member is allocated to one of the five Project Teams: Advocacy Taskforce, Global Integration, Digital Innovation, International Engagement Committee, and CEMS Gender Equality Network. The Board is chaired by the Executive Team, who sets up the Board’s strategy and structure, and supervises the respective teams. This year (2020) the Student Board is being led by President, Helena Egge, Vice President Operations, Lee Weisgerber and Vice President Finance, Iaroslav Kriuchkov. The Executive Team for 2021 will be led by Finia Jestaedt, President, Jessica Rutley, Vice President Operations, and David Flückiger, Vice President Finance.