Florence Gillette, CEMS Alumna and Head of ICRC delegation in Kyiv

We deplore the devastating impact of this conflict on the Ukrainian people. We are very proud of CEMS Senior Alumni of the Year 2020 and CEMS Alumna 1992 (HEC/ UoC) Florence Gillette, currently Head of Delegation of the Ukraine branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross. She and her team are working hard to alleviate the current grueling conflict.
Florence Gillette V3

Florence began her career in financial positions at P&G performing in multiple roles for several years and then transitioned to Hallmark as Finance & Admin Director. She eventually transitioned away from a financial career towards a professional endeavour dedicated to the commitment of helping others in needs which has resulted in a very impressive path at the International Committee of the Red Cross for sixteen years.

Her time at the Red Cross gave her the opportunity to travel the globe performing roles in various places such as the Ukraine, Sudan, the Philippines, Pakistan and many others, all demonstrating the extent of Florence’s commitment towards the betterment of people no matter the location.

Last year, Florence joined us for a chat about her professional journey.