The first edition of the CEMS Talks was a success!

The CEMS Talks is a public speaking event, organised by the CEMS Student Board, which saw light with its first edition in Copenhagen, on April 29th during the CEMS Nordic Forum.
CEMS Talks 1st edition

If you are involved with the CEMS Global Alliance, you’ll most likely come across outgoing,charismatic and motivated CEMSies, students who are studying to become responsible, upright and inspiring leaders. There are many qualities that define a leader, but it certainly includes the ability to motivate and to talk to a great audience.

With this mind, to encourage students about public speaking, a new initiative called the CEMS Talks was launched by the Student Board on April 29th. The CEMS Talks is a public speaking event, inviting a group of experts from the CEMS community to share their views, influential knowledge, or their experiences around a certain topic.

The first edition was held during the CEMS Nordic Forum, which was held at Copenhagen Business School this year and focused on the overarching theme of “Managing in uncertain times”. The timeline made it an ideal occasion to combine this initiative with a regional gathering of CEMS students across different CEMS Schools cohorts.

For 2 hours, students had the opportunity to learn from experienced CEMS alumni that were invited to this event and one student speaker.

Thank you to all our speakers for investing time and contributing to this event!

The speakers provided an insightful and deeply multifaceted event, as their expertise spanned from geopolitics, energy and freight industry to pharmaceuticals and medical technology, back to consulting, consumer insights and fashion.

During this time, participants were able to enjoy motivating speeches and networked with the participating CEMS alumni. The event laid foundation for the Nordic Forum’s closing gala.

Congratulations to Daria, Rasmus, Anastasia, Elias, Julija, Thomas, Ditte and Shreya for  this knowledge-sharing opportunity. Congratulations to the CEMS Student Board, and especially to Matteo Linguerri (UCD/HEC) and Oona Sunnari (AALTO/NHH) for organising, coordinating, and bringing this event to life.

The CEMS Student Board would like to thank especially the CEMS Talks speakers and the audience for making this event special. Thank you to the CEMS Nordic Forum team and CBS for hosting this in-person event.

Stay tuned for more editions of this event!