CEMS Student Board Meeting, Spring 2024

The CEMS Student Board held its first in-person meeting for the Academic year of 2024 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The meeting was hosted by the University of St. Gallen (HSG) took place between March 22nd to March 24th. During the sessions, the SBRs discussed current and planned initiatives within the Student Board, and shared opinions regarding local and global issues affecting the CEMS student body.

CEMS Student Board Meeting Spring 2024

29 SBRs from all over the world were able to travel to attend the meeting and connect, as well as attend a lovely raclette dinner social gathering organized by CEMS Club St.Gallen. Members who could not attend in person were able to participate in the sessions through online channels. 


Overview of agenda items for Spring 2024

  1. Follow-up on ongoing and future projects for the Student Board, such as the CEMSies on the Road project, the City Guide initiative, or the future implementation of a global Internship Database
  2. Update from the CEMS Global Office
  3. Seminar with Coca-Cola on the evolution of AI
  4. Session with CEMS Entrepreneurs on the value of the CEMS network in the start-up space
  5. Session with CEMS Community on how CEMS could better support its members in regards to disability and accessibility
  6. Discussion on issues and best practices shared by the CEMS cohort
  7. Official General Assembly and recapitulation of current accomplishments and finances


Also in attendance at the sessions were Nathalie Perrin and Vesa Zatriqi from the Global Office. In addition to providing a general update on behalf of the CEMS Global Office, they were also able to provide valuable insight into the various issues discussed during the sessions.

In addition, the Student Board would like to extend their thanks to Peter Lindstrom & Sybille Gmünder of HSG for their welcome, as well as Jacopo Faini of the CEMS Entrepreneurs; Leonardo Lotto, Lorraine Ansell, & Triona Campbell of the CEMS Community; and David Schwarzenbacher & Maximillian Kohnen from Coca-Cola for their contributions to the fruitful discussions.


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