CEMS Student Board Meeting at NOVA SBE in Lisbon

The CEMS Student Board held its first meeting of the year 2019 at the Nova School of Business and Economics from 10th to 13th April. During the meeting, the Student Board worked together with the CEMS Global Office on future projects and collaborations. The Student Board meetings are a crucial moment of time when all team members can be at the same location to discuss and work together.
CEMS Student Board Meeting at NOVA SBE in Lisbon Picture

Lisbon Meeting

One of the many workshops of this meeting was a session called “One topic per meeting”, which was devoted to the current level of Corporate and Social Partner interactions on a local level. The Student Board gathered input on students’ perceptions on these interactions. Other workshops of this meeting focused on the Student Board’s current projects (such as the CEMS SB Consulting Cup and the CEMS Women’s Network which will be rebranded in the near future), future projects, best practice sharing (such as the local role of the SBR and election best practices) and establishing a feedback culture within the board. The meeting was also very important to integrate 11 newly elected Student Board Representatives.

Beyond the focus of their initiatives, the Student Board gathering was also an opportunity to connect with local stakeholders including current Nova students, McKinsey as a corporate partner, as well as the local programme office to help promote CEMS and further build its network. Between working sessions, students had the opportunity to explore the newly opened campus and visit CEMS alumni working for McKinsey at their local offices and engage in discussions with the respective consultants. Another highlight was an interaction with Catherine da Silveira, the Academic Director of Nova and a presentation with networking opportunity for the Nova students.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Nova School of Business and Economics for hosting us. Further gratitude goes to the local CEMS Office and in particular to Nova Programme Manager Carolina Sales for their support in the organization of this meeting.

Isabella Höllriegel, President 2019

“It is great to see so many people from different nationalities and backgrounds come together and achieve amazing things! Working together in virtual teams over different time zones can be quite difficult throughout the year but the Student Board meetings provide us with the opportunity to finally come together, brainstorm and share knowledge. Our meetings are packed to the fullest but at the end we can look back on all the things we have achieved and be proud of this truly international, motivated and bright group of people. I am excited what 2019 will bring for the board and the broader CEMS community!”

Hussnain Bashir, Vice President Finance 2019

“Our student board, comprised of 33 members from 30 different schools across the globe, is a true embodiment of multiculturalism. Divided in teams, we work on multiple projects across different time zones with various stakeholders in CEMS community. Being able to organise the first student board meeting of 2019 and finally meet in person to discuss common topics, share best practices and most importantly build a diverse community, is my personal highlight of all this work. There is so much I am constantly learning from everyone in this motivating environment!”

Facts about NOVA

Nova School of Business and Economics is one of the best business schools in Portugal and a leading business school in Europe.

The Nova SBE is installed in new campus built in Carcavelos (Municipality of Cascais), inaugurated in 29 September 2018. The site for the new campus was provided to by the government, whereas the financing of the project is also made possible by private donations.

Nova SBE has been a member of CEMS since December 2007. Moreover, it is one of 77 Triple Crown business schools worldwide which implies accreditation by EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB. It has been the first Portuguese business school to acquire international accreditations. The international vision of Nova SBE is also reflected in the adoption of English as the main language of instruction. More than half of the undergraduate degrees and all Master, MBA and PhD programs are taught in English.

About the Student Board

The CEMS Student Board consists of elected representatives from each CEMS school. It serves a dual role by advocating for the students’ opinions, and managing projects on a global scale. Some of the Student Board’s flagship projects include the CEMS Student Board Consulting Cup and the CEMS Women’s Network. Besides, the Student Board is organised in six functional areas: Marketing & Communications, CEMS Club Support, Master in International Management Affairs, Corporate & Social Partners, Responsible Leadership and Alumni Relations. The Board is chaired by the Executive Team, who sets up the Board’s strategy and structure, and supervises the respective teams.