CEMS Faculty Groups publish second edition of Global Leadership Practices

Global Leadership Practices: Competencies for Navigating in a Complex World, Second Edition, explores global leadership and the complexities inherent in its practice. The book represents a collaboration between scholars and professionals from diverse backgrounds and addresses the new reality students of international management face.
CEMS Faculty groups book

The first edition, published in 2014, was subtitled A Cross Cultural Management Perspective. This textbook became a valuable reference for students studying international management, helping them to navigate the intricacies of global leadership. Today, how to manage across cultures has largely become integrated into international management curricula.

Over the past decade the whole context of global business has undergone a profound trans- formation. The global challenges facing society have become more urgent, and technology has driven increased global interconnectivity. Political polarization, populism and stereotyped views of other cultures have increasingly become obstacles to global collaboration, making the achievement of diversity and inclusion indispensable. All these factors have significantly increased the level of complexity that global leaders face.

This second edition represents a collaboration between scholars and professionals from diverse backgrounds.

The subtitle of this new edition, Competencies for Navigating in a Complex World, addresses the new reality students of international management face. The completely rewritten text contains multiple theoretical approaches and tools designed to help the reader respond to this new reality. The book is made up of two parts. The first part covers the competencies needed to manage global leadership challenges; the second part offers deep insights into how global leadership is practised in specific countries and regions.

'Authentic and engaging, this book weaves a diverse set of cultures into the leadership context through cases while presenting a comprehensive framework for analysis. From self-development to sustainability, the book decodes the challenges we face in today’s world says Zhirong Duan, from Tsinghua University, China 

The editors of this book are faculty members of the CEMS Alliance, grounded in the CEMS values of ethical conduct, professional responsibility and cultural diversity. Our aim in design- ing this book is to prepare global citizens who will contribute to a more open, sustainable, and inclusive world, as stated in the CEMS’ values.

The editors of this book include Bettina Gehrke , Marie-Therese Claes , Daniela Pauknerova , Ina Aust, and Roger-Matthew Bell Lambert. 

'A powerful, reflective, comprehensive, and compelling book offering profound insights for readers from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences interested in international management and understanding the dynamics influencing global leadership. It is a must-read for today’s scholars, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and future leaders from different walks of life who want to make an impact in an increasingly multicultural, innovation-driven, hypercompetitive, interconnected, and transformative global marketplace. writes Sherif Kamel from the American University In Cairo, Egypt