CEMS: An experience for the future

CEMS is much more than an academic program. It is a community of academic institutions, visionary corporations, NGOs, and business leaders seeking to raise widespread global awareness. No other CEMS member shows the results of these efforts better than its alumni: here we share some testimonials from members of this global network.
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Connecting with diversity

Virginie Verstraeten graduated from CEMS in 2019, completing one semester at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Chile, and today works as H&M’s South America Merchandising Manager. Virginie explains that, since the first year of her bachelor's studies in Belgium, it was on her mind to be part of CEMS, because it is a recognized program and aligned with her desire to work in international companies that would allow her to travel and get to know different markets, people, and cultures.

In her opinion, the most enriching aspect of her time at CEMS was the possibility of studying and working with people from different universities and countries, adapting to the language, the different ways of working and customs, to generate projects and solutions collaboratively. Virginie, who was also a member of CEMS Chile alumni association, explains that the program opens doors and recommends it because


Passport to the world

Pedro Eguía graduated from CEMS in 2021 and is currently in Brussels working as Account Manager at Odoo, a software company that is a double unicorn, and where he’s in charge of 40 partners in countries as diverse as Spain, Nigeria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and others.

Pedro explains that, when he entered the undergraduate program at the Adolfo Ibáñez University, he already had CEMS as a goal. He highlights, from his experience in the program..

Pedro Eugia