CEMS Club Conference St Petersburg: Spring Semester 2019

The CCC is an event organized each semester by the CEMS Club Support (CCS) Function of the Student Board with the aim to gather CEMS Club Presidents (CCPs) to share knowledge and best practices, network, and to learn about global issues in the CEMS Alliance.
CEMS Club Conference St Petersburg:  - Picture

The CEMS Club Conference (CCC) took place at the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University from March 1-2.

A total of 24 CEMS Club Presidents from around the world and three organizing members from the Student Board gathered in St. Petersburg for the spring 2019 edition of the CCC. During the two-day conference, the Presidents participated in workshops ranging from local and global issues to a presentation on managing multicultural and virtual teams by CEMS Corporate Partner HILTI.

The first day of CCC was kicked off with welcome note by Olesya Ustimenko, CEMS Program Manager at GSOM and a short introduction of all CEMS Clubs. A session dedicated to local issues gave the participants insights in how other clubs how to overcome the most common challenges. The CEMS Club presidents also profited from workshops on CEMS Club elections, handovers and financing as well as a session with CEMS Corporate Partner HILTI on managing multinational and virtual teams.

The second day of the CEMS Club Conference started with an introduction to the CEMS Student Board and its strategy for 2019 as well as information sessions on the Global Alumni & Responsibility Weeks, the new RL Ambassador Program and the CEMS Women’s Network. In addition, CEMS Club Presidents proposed new projects in the form of elevator pitches and developed new ideas in brainstorming a session on rethinking Regional Events hosted by Triona Campbell from the CEMS Global Office.

The day concluded by announcing last semester’s winning CEMS Club Best Practices as well as the CEMS Club Awards. CEMS Club Vienna won 1st prize, whereas CEMS Club Rotterdam and CEMS Club St. Gallen won 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Congratulations to the winning clubs! You can have a look at a short summary of the best practice finalists at the official CEMS instagram account @cems_alliance.

"Our team works on multiple projects across different time zones with various CEMS Club Presidents. Being able to organize this event and finally meet in person to discuss common topics, share best practices and most importantly, build a diverse community is my personal highlight of all this work. It fills my heart with joy to see the immense amount of dedication the CEMS Club Presidents displayed throughout the whole conference, working towards improving not only their own clubs but also sharing their expertise with their peers!" - Victor Tibo, Project Leader - CEMS Club Conference


The CEMS Club Support Function and the Student Board would like to extend their gratitude to HILTI for hosting a workshop and dinner which were a unique opportunity to interact with a CEMS Corporate Partner. They would also like to extend their appreciation to Olesya Ustimenko and Elizaveta Troyanova from the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University for their warm welcome and support throughout the meeting.