CEMS Club Awards and Best Practices, Term 1

The CEMS Clubs Awards and Best Practices are two initiatives carried out by the CEMS Club Support Team of the Student Board. The team worked hard in promoting these two projects and incentivising the students from all the schools to vote, engage and participate in the competition.
CEMS Club Awards and Best Practices, CEMS Club Support Team

“It's always amazing to see how many great ideas can be realised by enthusiastic local CEMS communities. That's why we keep gathering best practices from the clubs to inspire the next generations. We have the privilege of organising these awards to honour the Clubs and dedicated CEMSies who get involved”

Antoinette de Hennin – CCS Team


The CEMS Club Awards

 In order to help them develop further and organize even more awesome events for students the clubs win the following prizes; 1st place wins 750€, 2nd place, 500€, and 3rd place 250€. Students rated the school that they attended during the term, in the following five categories: Formal & informal social events to foster interaction between students, CSR Initiatives, Alumni Relations & Events, Corporate Partner Relations & Events and Communication & Support from CEMS Club.

In 1st place is CEMS Club Tokyo, Keio University.

A relatively new member of the Alliance, the Tokyo CEMS club was created this term and nurtured an incredible atmosphere for the 7 lucky CEMSies that spent their exchange there! From informal drinks and dinners, to raising awareness of the CEMS programme at university events, it was an action packed term. They also made the most of their English and volunteered at a Children's English Camp in Saitama for Japanese children that were affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Keen to discover the region and gain first-hand insights into culture in which they were living, they planned group trips to Kyoto and Seoul, and participated in the Davos Experience Tokyo, a networking and debating event to meet with Japanese professionals from various industries. A big thanks to their Board!

In 2nd place is CEMS Club Rotterdam, Erasmus University.

This club is in second place for the second term in a row, and no wonder! Organising 11 social events in 12 weeks, ranging from a Dutch Culture Evening to a Boat Party Cruise through Rotterdam, it was an exciting term!  They combined fun and learning with a 3 day Tech Tour of Dublin, and kept everyone informed thanks to an active Instagram page! The term ended in style, with a Black-tie closing event, and a yearbook with photos of all the fun that they had had.

In 3rd place is CEMS Club Dublin, UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School

An enthusiastic and dynamic Club created an incredible atmosphere and a united cohort in Dublin this term. A class trip to the beautiful Irish West Coast helped the bonding, as did the numerous events organised throughout the term, such as a clean up of the neighbourhood around UCD. Not only did they spend an evening with Alumni becoming Master chefs, but were able to put this knowledge to good use at an international dinner and talent show, which led to some hidden treasures being discovered.

The Best Practice Awards

The Best Practice Awards were created in the interest of knowledge sharing, and rewarding clubs that organize outstanding events during the term. The events are split into 6 categories, and finalists selected based the criteria of creativity, impact on the CEMS spirit and the quality of documentation.  The CEMS Club Presidents and the Student Board Representatives then vote for the winners in each category. Thank you to all the Clubs for the time and effort that they put into organising such enjoyable and creative events! It is your enthusiasm and dedication is what makes the CEMS such an incredible experience for all the students.

The Best Practice Winners are:

 Alumni Relations: UCD – CEMS Master Chef

 Marketing & Communications: HSG – CEMS Club Website

 Big Events: RSM – Dublin Tech Tour

 Corporate Relations: LSM – Consulting Club

 Social Awareness: NOVA – CEMS Volunteering Day

 Socialising: HKUST – Karaoke Night


Congratulations to all of the winners from Term 1 2014/2015!

-CCS Team, CEMS Student Board