CEMS Career Forum connections: learn more about Hilti

CEMS alum, Lisa Monti, joined Hilti in 2016. Following her graduation in 2016, she joined Hilti’s graduation program, and has grown from Global Product Manager to the Head of Tool services – Western Europe. Read on to learn more about Lisa’s role at Hilti, her motivation to join Hilti’s graduate program after CEMS studies, and her advice to anyone interested in launching their career at Hilti.
Lisa Monti Head of Tool services - Western Europe

Could you please share your background with us?

I was born and raised in France, and I did my studies at HEC for four years, during which I did some internships in FMCG marketing in France and in New York. Then as a specialization, I did the CEMS program and went to Barcelona as part of my exchange at ESADE. After having completed my studies, I was looking for a graduate program and this is how I came across Hilti.

What motivated you join a graduate program after your CEMS studies?

I wanted to join a graduate program to shape my career and to have a real development path but I didn’t
know in which area. I knew nothing about the construction industry. I got to know Hilti from an acquaintance. In comparison to programs in other companies, Hilti’s graduate program is simply amazing. Two rotations out of four are done outside your home country. Besides I particularly appreciated the high involvement of the senior leaders (i.e. mentoring, global summit) and the activities beyond business. When I started the recruitment process, I could really feel the Hilti strong corporate culture based on performance and caring in every interaction with recruiters, HR people and with assessors during the Assessment center. It was a key element for me to choose the right company. Indeed, Hilti has been recognized again as one of the 2021 World's Best Workplaces by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Can you tell us more about your career path at Hilti?

During the graduate program, I spent one year in the field. Then I started the projects period in digital
marketing, working on the premises of engagement marketing. After 3 months I moved to corporate
development, working on the group’s strategic review. Finally, I completed the last rotation in Panama
working on the pricing and marketing strategy for inserts or consumables. I started my “landing position” as a global product manager in the power tools and accessories business unit in our headquarters in Schaan, Liechtenstein where I spent three years. Now, since September, I am back in Paris to take over the solution selling and services team for Western Europe.


Could you tell us something that makes Hilti unique? / that you like about working at Hilti?

Hilti is a family-owned company with strong values – Integrity, Courage, Commitment, and Teamwork.
Our values and missions are shared in all markets by all team members. Everywhere you go, there is an
outstanding level of commitment and pride of belonging. I've been lucky to experience it in different countries.


What has been the highlight of your job so far?

Every day has been different so far because I held different jobs. Hilti is a dynamic company with new
projects coming in all the time. Currently, I have been working on the most strategic topics of the company, the selling of services and software to our customers to drive productivity and safety. I am proud to be part of this business challenge. And finally, what I like the most about Hilti is the opportunity to move globally during your career, I've always felt supported to develop myself personally and professionally thanks to, among others, the culture of feedback. Indeed, it’s something that makes personal development much smoother.


Building a better future. How does it resonate for you?

Building a better future has always been at the heart of everything we do for years.
It is an ongoing commitment. We address sustainability in a systematic, consistent and comprehensive
way. Our efforts are structured into three pillars: environment, people, and society. As a Hilti team
member, I can contribute to our global priorities and ambitions across these pillars. For our environment, we launched several initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, to reduce energy consumption. Our people-oriented corporate culture is key to business success. We want to create an inclusive work environment. Here are several examples I could benefit from: training sessions to reduce bias, equal pay, and development opportunities. As a woman, I've never felt it was impacting my career in any way, either positively or negatively, neither in my daily interactions nor my overall performance and career development. This is something that I genuinely appreciate. I also had the great opportunity to be part of a social project in Bosnia within the Outperformer Program to build houses with my peers.


What would you advise to current CEMS students that want to apply to Hilti?

I think that you should always project yourself in the company that you want to work for. If the company
culture is something that speaks to you, then this is the company you should work for. As for Hilti, if you're
someone that is willing to grow fast, who wants to go the extra mile, and who is willing to experience
different jobs or to move abroad, and have an international career, then Hilti is for you.