Capgemini Invent joins the CEMS Alliance to nurture future-ready, responsible business leaders

Capgemini Invent, the digital innovation, design and transformation powerhouse of the Capgemini Group, has become a corporate partner of CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education. Bringing together 10,000+ strategists and transformers, creatives and designers, as well as engineers, data specialists and tech experts in 20+ countries, Capgemini Invent spearheads real sustainable progress to help leading firms across industries and society as a whole get the future they want.
Capgemini Invent joins CEMS

“Looking for a fast-paced, people-centric, and purpose-driven team to kickstart your future? Welcome to Capgemini Invent.” – Simon Müller, Global Head of Talent Acquisition & Branding, Capgemini Invent and CEMS alumnus

Staying at the forefront of innovation, spearheading real sustainable progress, and impacting the lives of millions takes the collaborative effort of all kinds of innovators. At Capgemini Invent, we combine the unique strengths of a diverse collective of disruptors, change makers, and movers and shakers to create an environment in which each and every one of us can thrive, grow, and deliver the impact that will help us get the future you want together – for our clients, for the planet, and for society as a whole. Whether your passion lies in strategy and transformation, creative design, data, engineering or tech: It is this vision that drives us in what we do, motivates us to grow as a team, and helps us make a positive impact – and we invite you to join us in doing so.

“A business of the future must think beyond competitive advantage to true, long-lasting value. We are inventing futures that are relevant, resilient, and sustainable. We help visionary leaders shape the future of business.” - Cyril Garcia, CEO, Capgemini Invent


Make an impact that matters

Capgemini Invent is an integral part of Capgemini, a global leader in partnering with companies to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology. With its strong 55-year heritage and deep industry expertise, Capgemini is a responsible and diverse organization of over 325,000 team members in more than 50 countries and, in 2021, reported global revenues of €18 billion.

As the digital innovation, design and transformation powerhouse of Capgemini, we as Capgemini Invent enable CxOs across industries to envision and shape the future of their businesses – by accelerating ideas into prototypes and scalable real-world solutions that help our clients get the future they want. This future is one of sustainability – and having embarked on our own sustainability journey over half a decade ago, we are now at the forefront of helping our clients and partners accelerate their sustainability transformation. Located in nearly 40 studios and over 60 offices around the world, our 10,000+ strong team develops new digital services, products, experiences and business models for sustainable growth.

We are about creating, making change happen, and turning talk into action – and we believe that we have the responsibility to leverage the full power of our capabilities to create a positive impact each and every day.


Get to know the team

Life at Capgemini Invent is shaped by the diverse change makers that form our team. We bring together all kinds of different backgrounds and believe that this diversity not only is the key to success today but also constitutes the basis of our team culture. Joining us means joining a community that appreciates you for who you are – and at the same time encourages you to be who you want to be, putting your development at the heart.

Whatever you are passionate about, within our community of more than 10,000 innovators, you will find the perfect environment for you to kickstart your career, challenge yourself to keep on growing, and deliver the kind of impact that we strive to create together.

To us, leading innovation and transformation means constantly being ahead of the game in terms of digital trends, driving true disruption, and adapting to circumstances that change at an ever-accelerating pace. Our recipe for success? Agility, entrepreneurial spirit, a hunger for growth – and a finger on the pulse of change.

"It’s important to empower future leaders today, so that they can drive change through a future-oriented approach to leadership – one that’s more inclusive, sustainable and collaborative. As the only network of its kind, we’re delighted to partner with CEMS to grow this outstanding community and accompany future leaders on their journey of creating a better future for all.” – Laurence Metzke, CHRO, Capgemini Invent


Join the CEMS community of future leaders

With a thriving community of CEMS alumni already working with us, we look forward to further strengthening our ties with the outstanding network that is the CEMS Alliance, by supporting CEMS students, alumni, and others on their journey of becoming responsible future leaders – and offering opportunities to experience first-hand how innovation can be put into action to create a lasting, positive impact.

Through the full variety of formats that CEMS has to offer as well as new ones that we are keen to explore together, we aim to interact with all of you on the topics that matter most to today’s (and tomorrow’s!) businesses and society – with a strictly future-oriented perspective for a more sustainable, digitally-powered, transforming world.

As a team, we focus our work on the intersect of strategy, data, design, engineering and technology, i.e. the very place where true innovation happens today. It is this area that we want to offer a growing number of individuals, including CEMS students, to become active in. Our experience shows that this area is extremely exciting for CEMS graduates to work in. We also see that former CEMS students are very well equipped to deliver outstanding results, rise to challenges and broaden their horizons, and, most importantly, create lasting impact – and we invite you to do so together with our multidisciplinary team of disruptors, change makers, and movers and shakers in 20+ countries around the world.

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