The Ultimate Formula

Entrepreneurship meets Cocktails...The start-up scene is moving very fast: it is increasingly important to know the challenges and recognise the myths. But also the cocktail scene has a lot to offer in terms of new creations.

The Ultimate Formula

About the Event

We bring both worlds together as our entrepreneurship expert Prof. Christian Schwens reveals previously unknown knowledge about start-ups and entrepreneurship in a relaxed online cocktail course at the hip Cologne bar "Woods".

Mix your own cocktail at home and listen to the expert talk while sipping your self-made drink.

Here you find the recipes including a list with all necessary ingredients for both cocktails. With this shopping list you can get all the ingredients in advance. Substitutes are also listed there, so you can mix your cocktail according to your own ideas.

Please prepare some ice cubes for your cocktail (about 15-20 large cubes per drink or 0,5kg for 2 drinks). The tea can also be prepared in advance (just like usual tea). If you don't want to buy simple syrup, it can easily be made by yourself. Just boil 500ml of sugar with 250ml of water and let it cool down at room temperature. Furthermore you need a large spoon (wooden spoon works best), a jigger or shot glass, a shaker or tupperware box (or any other well-lockable container), a knife, a citrus press and your choice of glasses (highball and coupette works best).

Questions? Reach out to UOC CEMS Office, WiSo Career Service and WiSo Alumni at

The Ultimate Formula