Pathways to Successful Consulting Recruitment

If you are applying to consulting firms in the near future, you will want to join Impact Consulting's free upcoming webinar with Expert Case Coach Ian Glennon!
Pathways to Successful Consulting Recruitment

Ian is an ex-BCG consultant who aced all 8 of his interviews out of his MBA program and will be sharing his insights on how to Land The Offer. In this session, he will lay out the entire preparation pathway, and what you need to do to set yourself up for success. His session will include an overview of everything you need to keep track of in your consulting recruiting journey, and key tips and tricks for every stage of the process. This will include:

  • Application preparation (resume, cover letter, application tracking).
  • Networking / Recruiting (networking tactics, coffee chats / calls, contacts tracking).
  • Casing tips (foundational skills building, acing the case, case tracking).
  • Fit / Behavioral (foundational answers, story preparation, story tracking).

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