Master Class for Global Leaders with NASA

Engage in an interactive debate with a participant of 15 NASA missions, a winner of Templeton Prize, member of the Vatican Observatory, Harvard and Oxford economists.
Masterclass for Global Leaders with NASA

The event consists in 2 parts:

Part 1: Develeopment But What Kind?

4:00pm - 5:30pm CET

The New Global Paradigm – The Path to a Better Future

Engage in an interactive debate with the leading minds of international development, economics, cosmology, space, from leading institutions such as NASA, Harvard, and Oxford.


  • Art. B. Chmielewski, Participated in 15 NASA space missions
  • Guy Consolmagno, Director of the Vatican Observatory
  • Michał Heller, Professor of Cosmology, Receiver of the Templeton Prize 2008

Part 2: The New Vision of a Man

5:30pm - 7:00pm CET

Development, but what kind? Value Economy, “Doughnut Economy”

How to create a distributive, regenerative economy that lifts people out of poverty but avoids the trap of environmental harm? We need to restructure the patterns that guide us in the economy, inspire us to care for the environment and the poor. The value of non-monetary relationships as well as the contribution of civil society to wealth creation.


  • Jeffrey Sachs, American economist - Columbia and Harvard Universities
  • Kate Raworth, An English economist - Oxford and Cambridge Universities
  • Mike Walsh, Futurist and AI expert

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Masterclass Leadership with NASA is part of a global program for leaders with the participation of world authorities, MasterClass Leadership with the Pope Program