Consulting Interview Preparation Crash Course

Join Impact Consulting on 10th October with ex-BCG Project Leader Agrim Gupta for a jam-packed session that covers the essentials for achieving your dream job in consulting!
Agrim Gupta

This session will provide you cheat sheets of do’s and don’ts for the following:

1. CV / Resume

We will focus on elements like how to write sentences that click, how to make your points CV friendly, overall structure, CV length, number of sections, which sections, order of sections, structure of each section, structure of work experience, bullet length, font, font size, spacing, margin, paper size, etc. We will see some examples of bad practices and best practices.

2. Personal/fit questions

We will focus on elements like how to answer fit questions, how to frame answers, how to develop stories, what personality aspects to develop, how to train. We will look at some examples of bad practices and best practices.

3.Case (basic awareness of a case interview is required)

We will focus on most common mistakes that candidates make. We will focus on the full case interview journey - starting the case prompt, recap, clarifying questions, framework (most important), analysis, assumptions, insight generation, hypothesis generation, recommendation, etc.


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