CEMS Webinar Series: Banking the Unbanked

Have you ever wondered about microfinance? How does one go about providing it as a service to those who have no access to it?  Dr. Wolfolds and Claudia Belli will dive into this topic and decipher if this dilemma can be solved by social entrepreneurship and/ or profit-established banks.
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Dr. Sarah Wolfolds 

Professor Sarah Wolfolds is the Andrew Paul Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow and assistant professor in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Professor Wolfolds' research examines the interaction between for-profit and non-profit organizations in industries where they coexist. While non-profits may want to differentiate themselves when faced with additional non-profit competition, it is unclear whether they would want to differentiate themselves or converge towards for-profit competitors. Her research addresses this issue by considering the different financing models, human resource systems, and objectives of non-profit organizations, as compared to for-profits, in the mixed industry of microfinance. Her recent research also examines issues surrounding financial exclusion in the U.S. Professor Wolfolds was awarded a grant by the Strategic Research Foundation to further pursue her dissertation research. Read more here.


Claudia Belli 

Born and raised in the Italian Dolomites of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Claudia grew up with the idea that Peace and Equality are basic needs for everybody in the planet thanks to her time at the CISV (Children Iinternational Summer Villages). After completing her Bachelor's degree at Bocconi, she wanted to “build a United Europe” that could be done my mixing populations and cultures and this is how she arrived to Paris.  She started in the BtoB consultancy (IDSI) and completed the CEMS MIM at HEC to enhance her knowledge. At BNP Paribas, she began as an analyst (Global Banking) and at M&A (Corporate Finance), and helped developing countries to finance large infrastructure at Export finance (Asset Financing) where she developed the Filipino and Vietnamese market for 7 years. Than she became the head of business development of Export Finance where she achieved the BNP Award  for “global beat bank of export finance”. 

Since 2015, she is in the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where she fosters the environment of social enterprises and of microfinance institution who provide solutions to social problems of the world. At year end 2020, the Group achieved a global support to the social enterprises of 2,2 billion euro, mainly brought forward by the domestic markets through the Act for Impact, a dedicated multi-layer offer for social enterprises.  She and her team are dedicated to financing the Financial Inclusions service providers, the microfinance institutions and to the arrangement and structure of Social Impact Bonds and Development Impact Bonds, together with a development of Impact investing.

Claudia is also Board member of the Impact Invest Lab (now becoming “Fair.”, in France), of CycloFactory a Start-up Tech for Good and of the European Microfinance Platform e-MFP in Luxembourg.


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