CEMS Conference on Business Chemistry hosted by Deloitte

We are glad to invite you to Deloitte’s Greenhouse facility in Zurich, to learn more about the art of Business Chemistry, followed by an Apéro riche.
CEMS Conference on Business Chemistry hosted by Deloitte

Business Chemistry is Deloitte’s powerful research-based analytical tool, designed to specifically reveal insights on individual and team behaviour. The tool identifies four different types, each characterised by a stable pattern of behaviours and preferences in the workplace. Understanding similarities and differences enables you to flex in order to better accommodate different styles and build stronger meaningful relationships.

As part of this session, Deloitte Consultants will help you to:

  • Determine your Business Chemistry type – Quick assessment to define our primary type
  • Understand yourself – Delve into your type’s predilections and potential pitfalls
  • Understand others – Learn what to look for to develop “hunches” about others through observations
  • Adapt your style – Explore ways to engage more effectively with individuals and teams of other types
  • Real life example – Provide you with real life project examples and stories

Please sign up early, as places are limited.