CEMS Alumni Speaker Series

The CEMS Alumni Speaker Series are finally here! The events are organized by the CEMS Club Prague and during each evening dedicated to a specific topic, you will meet three inspiring CEMS alumni who will share their personal stories related to their career path, professional development and the level of impact they have in their jobs.
CEMS Alumni Speakers Series (VSE) Flyer

Session 1

The first session took place on Tuesday, April 20th from 5 – 6:30 PM CEST and the topic was Sustainability Consulting.    

How do we make businesses more sustainable in our current society? Learn all about the topic from the speakers experienced in non-profits, consultancy, and sustainable auditing.

And who are the speakers?

Jana Nejedla is situated in Indonesia driving new approaches to halt deforestation and social exploitation in global supply chains of agricultural and forestry commodities, working with multinational brands up to local producers and farmers.

Zdeněk Vaniš is currently a manager at Kearney where he is involved in sustainability practices. He has focused on how global companies began their journey to minimize waste and how their approaches have made a difference.

Markéta Svobodová-Jelínková strives for improving organizations' and individuals' behaviour towards sustainability. She is active in sustainability compliance and consultancy, doing sustainability audits at current and potential suppliers for IKEA Group.

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Session 2

The  second session will take place on Tuesday, April 27th from 7 - 8:00PM CEST for a *startup night*.

And who are the speakers?

Tina Köstler -  joined the thriving food-tech start-up “Choco” in its early expansion stage.  Being on a mission to digitize the global food supply chain and build a more sustainable system,  she has been involved in regional as well as global growth processes.

Adam Bartnicki - changed to the startup world for C-level positions after having worked in the corporate world for several years on various financial and business excellence positions.  Will provide insights into how this switch changed his professional career and life.

Marek Moravec - launched an early stage venture capital firm and became one of the youngest VC founders in Europe.  His goal is to invest in visionary founders in a number of technology sub-sectors with the goal to rewrite the rules in their field.

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Session 3

The third session will take place on Tuesday, May 4th from 7 - 8:00PM CEST and the topic will be IT/Tech.

And who are the speakers?

Ivan Polak is a marketing manager at a business unit of Grohe, focusing on automatic prevention of water flooding in properties, in cooperation with insurance companies.  He experiences the potential that IT & Tech provide to grow completely new businesses.

Hannah Becher actively prevents financial crime, specializing in customer risk rating and new technology with a focus on RegTech and FinTech tech.  She has won hackathons in digital health and has hosted and spoken at several large Tech events. 

Adam Rajnoha, being an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, he started his career in Silicon Valley to support an e-commerce startup.  After having worked around the world, he has found his passion within the field of immersive reality and co-founded a VR/AR studio. 

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You do not have to register in advance.