CEMS is the global alliance in management education developed for students who aspire to become global business leaders. Students are selected for CEMS MIM on the basis of their potential for an international career. Selection juries involve both schools and corporate partners' representatives. 

The CEMS MIM is exclusively open to students enrolled at one of the CEMS member schools or universities in a Master’s programme (M.Sc.) in Business Administration, Management or Economics. Students apply for the programme at postgraduate level, and the programme must be completed together with the home school’s Master’s programme requirements.

Selection Process

  • The key selection criteria will be assessed through written and/or online application documents and through a personal meeting (for example an interview or an assessment centre).
  • Applicants will be required to submit documents containing a centrally designed application form, a motivation letter, a CV, language certificates and grade reports.
  • Each CEMS university may require the student to include additional documentation. Please see the application form for the school you are interested and their fact sheet here.
  • A pre-selection on the basis of the documents is carried out.
  • In addition to the application documents, a panel jury comprising of an academic and a corporate representative, or an assessment centre evaluates the fulfilment of criteria.

Check application procedures and apply online on the selection tab of the University presentation

Selection Interviews

Based on the documents provided by the applicant, (s)he may be invited to a selection interview or an assessment centre. Applicants will be assessed based on the following CEMS-wide selection criteria:

//   Intellectual Potential
//   Academic Excellence
//   Prior Knowledge in the Business Field
//   Desire to Achieve
//   Interpersonal Competences
//   Integrity
//   Critical Thinking
//   Motivation for the MIM Programme
//   Language Skills
//   International Openness and Cross-Cultural Aptitudes

On the application form, students have to indicate preferred destinations for their academic term(s) abroad. The destination is announced  following the selection process. Students may also indicate during which term they wish to study abroad. The final decision on admission to the CEMS MIM Programme is taken by the CEMS member schools based on the application material and the outcome of the interview/assessment centre.

Please note: students are first selected for entry to the  CEMS  MIM programme, and then offered destinations for their term(s) abroad. Preferences for the location and the sequence are taken into consideration.

Once students are selected, they will be registered in the database and automatically receive a welcome message with important information.