Common Application Requirements

CEMS member schools select students locally. In order to apply students must follow the local application procedure. However, certain common application requirements apply to all CEMS candidates.

Students applying to the CEMS MIM must:

Be enrolled in a selected member school's Master of Science programme prior to starting their MIM studies.

- Provide proof of academic preparation: have either received a Bachelor’s in Management or Economics or in a related field; or successfully passed the equivalent of one year (60 ECTS)of full-time education at Master’s level in any of these areas (eventually to be presented at the programme start).

Provide proof of proficiency in English (if not mother tongue) through any of the following (minimum level): TOEFL iBT100; IELTS 7.0; CPE C; CAE B; BEC Higher B; have a Bachelor’s diploma entirely taught in English from an English speaking country or in a CEMS or EQUIS/ AACSB-accredited institution; have passed one of the CEMS-accredited locally accepted English exams; A-level GCSE issued in Singapore. 

Please note: as part of the application process students must hand in a mother tongue declaration form. Subject to local regulation.

Applicants should be aware of the CEMS language graduation requirements upon applying for the CEMS MIM programme, and inquire the local language admission requirements that may vary at schools.

Applicants are required to submit additional documentation based on local admissions requirements at the designated school. Based on the documents provided by the applicant, (s)he may be invited to a selection interview or an assessment centre. University and company representatives select students locally for the CEMS MIM.

In order to apply, students must follow the local application and selection procedure. Please consult the schools' Master's fact sheet for application periods, deadlines and the application form for the school you are interested in.