International Internship

Internships provide students with the real-life professional learning experience of integrating an organisation’s culture and processes. The main objective is to turn academic experience and theoretical knowledge into a professional, multi-cultural experience. They must therefore be at the level of a graduate recruit in order to provide valuable business experience.

Internships can take place at a CEMS Corporate Partner, although not on a compulsory basis. They can also take place at a non-profit organisation such as in a humanitarian mission.

Entrepreneurial internships (starting up an own business) may be accepted with permission of the home school Academic Director and as long as the CEMS requirements are met and supervision /tutoring by the home school is provided during the internship.


Students are responsible for finding their own internship. If students wish to receive internship offers by e-mail, they can use the CEMS Career Center .

Students are responsible for all official documents required for the employment. The “CEMS Internship Guide” gives help and information on internship possibilities, visa and other regulations in each CEMS country. 



  • Students either spend the internship abroad, or, when spending both academic terms abroad, they may pursue the internship at home, but within a company operating in an international environment.
  • For the purposes of the CEMS MIM Graduation requirements, "abroad" is defined as outside the country of the home school. Students may apply to their Academic Director to be allowed to do their internship in the home school country when their personal background justifies this interpretation, e.g. when originating from another country or having acquired secondary education or Bachelor's degree in different countries.
  • Internships must cover a period of at least 8 consecutive weeks full-time in the same company (the first 8 weeks of a full-time employment position are also accepted), subject  to local decision based on home degree requirements.
  • Students who are more oriented towards work in the enterpreneurial sector may fulfill the internship requirements through work with their own start-up, if all conditions of a "regular" internship are met and it is approved by the home CEMS home school Academic Director. Supervision is provided by the home school.
  • Internships can take place at any time (also prior to CEMS selection with conditions, see below), except parallel to the two academic MIM terms.
  • Internships must be during the graduate level of studies, starting with the date when the student fulfilled all official Bachelor’s degree study requirements.
  • The internship can overlap with the Block Seminar only when a contractually agreed vacation is declared. The student is responsible for providing official documentation to the home school Programme Manager.
  • Internships must be a full-time activity at the professional level (first job level, although salaries may not be commensurate) where the student is given one or more challenging projects with a certain degree of autonomy.
  • The student's work must be supervised within the company.
  • Internships must be approved by the home institution before the start (see below).
  • The company supervisor has to complete an online evaluation form at the end of the internship or at the end of the CEMS mandated minimum 8-week period.
  • Students planning to graduate in 2020 must start the internship on the third Monday of September 2020 at the latest and finalize the internship by the second Sunday of November 2020.

Registration and Validation

  • Students must register their internship before its’ start in their private zone on for validation, providing the necessary information.
  • Home school managers verify the registered information. Once it is approved, students can start the internship.
  • The online evaluation form is automatically sent to the supervisor at the end of the internship. The submission of evaluation form is essential for the graduation, therefore, students are to ensure company supervisors fill it in.

Please note that many countries can only offer internships to individuals having a student status at a University. CEMS as an organisation cannot legally offer student status.