The CEMS MIM comprises of a carefully-designed curriculum that achieves one of the main goals of the Alliance as a whole: to combine academic theory with business practice.

From the moment you become a CEMS student, you will be on a path to responsible citizenship and you will be held to the highest standards of ethical and social responsibility and professional integrity. Exposure to best-in-class teaching and the operational expertise of world-renowned organisations gives CEMS students a golden opportunity to consolidate theoretical and experiential learning through a multi-faceted curriculum.

During the programme, students are exposed to interdisciplinary challenges in an international context and are encouraged to adopt an analytical and critical attitude in lectures, discussions and project work.

The workload of the programme is 66 ECTS in total, with a minimum requirement of 24 ECTS successfully completed in each term.

CEMS MIM Class Year 2013-14CEMS MIM Class Year
CEMS MIM Class Year 2013-14CEMS MIM Class Year 2017/18 and onwards

Starting MIM Class Year 2017/18, the minimum internship requirement for CEMS is 8 weeks. Please, note that CEMS schools may keep a longer internship requirement for their home degree. Please consult with the local Programme Managers if you are concerned.

To learn about the specific MIM programme offer of one of our member schools, please refer to our university list and click on the school of your interest to read their MSc and MIM fact sheet

CEMS MIM Webinars (3/4)

Learning objectives

The CEMS MIM learning objectives are its core attributes that constitute the programme's specific, competitive positioning. 


CEMS Club Santiago
Get the most out of your CEMS experience abroad along-side fellow global cosmopolitans, offering a golden opportunity for cross-cultural learning.

Block Seminar & Responsible Global Leadership Seminars

The Nova-hosted Block Seminar from the 2009-10 academic year
Block Seminars and Responsible Global Leadership (RGL) Seminars provide the opportunity for CEMS members to come together, exchange ideas, and debate and discuss innovative management topics as well a

CEMS Courses

Beside the mandatory courses, students are invited to build up their individual course plan of electives, exclusives and open elective courses.

Business Projects

Participants in the recent P&G multi-school business project
Business Projects are consultancy-like projects designed as a real-life learning experience for students: international student teams solve a real business problem as a one-term, part-time activity.

Skill Seminars

Skill Seminars are training seminars in practical skills.

International Internship

Internships provide students with the real-life professional learning experience of integrating into an organisation’s culture and processes.

Language Graduation Requirements

A CEMS English class in progress at HEC Paris
All CEMS MIM students graduate with competence in three languages, one of which must be English (at an advanced level) and another which must be a CEMS language.