CEMS Forest

As part of its commitment to sustainability, in 2015, CEMS did partner with the Choco-Darien Forest Conservation Project in Colombia to offer the CEMS community a way to offset carbon emissions associated with travel and events.

Protecting forests and restoring those that have been degraded are among the easiest options we have for slowing climate change. Forests absorb carbon and turn atmospheric CO2, water and sunlight into wood while producing the oxygen we breathe. Yet, it's estimated that roughly 15% of global annual greenhouse gas emissions today are the result of deforestation and forest degradation. That's comparable to the total annual CO2 emissions of China, or the emissions of the entire global transportation sector — all the world's planes, ships, trucks, and automobiles combined.

Calculate Your Flight Emissions

There are now many platforms that help you evaluate your impact on CO2 emission and try and compensate that impact. As CEMS partnership with Choco-Darien ended, we suggest you make your own choice amongst one of the following: