Quality Assurance & Programme Development

Quality Business Education Programmes

In order to maintain a high standard of teaching, CEMS not only constantly develops its curriculum but all individual programme elements, as well as the support services provided by the academic members, are subject to a constant quality evaluation. It allows us to make sure that our CEMS MIM programme satisfaction level meets the best standards. This is also to ensure that the following learning objectives are met :

  • Internationalism
  • Business-embeddedness
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Reflective critical thinking
  • Comprehensive leadership

Online evaluations are sent to the students upon finishing every major programme element through the CEMS Global Office.

The CEMS students satisfaction survey

As part of its improvement process, CEMS is setting up a students satisfaction survey

This survey evaluates all programme elements (Block Seminars, Courses, Skill Seminars, Business Projects etc) from different angles, especially focusing on student satisfaction. The survey will be distributed through the online survey system (Qualtrics) and collected by CEMS Global Office. The overall evaluation will be composed twice a year.

Students are strongly recommended to complete these surveys, the results of which are a major resource for the work of the CEMS Academic Committee and for local Academic Directors to monitor and improve the programme.