Business Projects

Students must carry out a Business Project, accounting for 15 ECTS, during Term 2.

Business projects reinforce the partnership between universities and companies in jointly shaping the students’ learning process in international management. The CEMS Business Project is designed to gain real-life learning experience together with CEMS corporate and social partners. It is one of the crucial components of the CEMS MIM programme which helps students to achieve the CEMS learning objectives.

They are consultancy-like projects designed as a real-life learning experience for students: international student teams solve a real business problem as a one-term, part-time activity. The amount of time spent on the project within the company may vary depending on its requirements. However, a Business Project will amount to about half of Term 2's workload. Student teams work independently and are co-tutored by academic and corporate representatives. Students receive a grade.

Rules, Roles and Relations concerning Business Projects

Student teams consist of 4-5 students. Ideally, at least one student will come from a foreign partner institution and at least one will be a local student. The school assigns students to individual projects, based on company preferences and didactical considerations.

Project results are evaluated by the academic and corporate advisors. Students may be requested to write a report and/or give a presentation, both as a group. The academic advisors may in addition require an individual process evaluation in order to gain a deeper understanding of the team-building process. Both the company and academic advisor evaluate the individual and team work.

Students gain insight into business life; training their analytical and problem-solving skills,  applying research methods, transferring theoretical knowledge into practice, learning process management and acquiring social skills. They get to know potential employers and re-define their professional goals.

Students take responsibility for the project; sharing the workload within a team and communicating well with their tutors, they strive for the best results. Each member of the team is expected to complete the Business Project.


Here is one example of a Business Project carried out between the University of Sydney Business School and CEMS Corporate Partner Daimler: